Now, faced with the rise of drug-resistantsuperbugs” such as MRSA or multi-drug-resistant tuberculosis, and a World Health Organisation warning that a “post-antibiotic era” is dawning, European and US researchers …
Independent Online · 1 day ago
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That's the country's second-leading cause of death. But a scarier, lesser-known health threat is on the horizon: the superbug. Drug-resistant infections are a growing national and international concern. Since the 1940s, we've been using antibiotics to cure ...
The Week Magazine · 6/25/2015
Antibiotic resistant "superbugs" have become one of the world's most pressing public health concerns. An estimated two million people become infected with drug-resistant bacteria in the US each year. Of those, at …
Chron · 7/1/2015
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South-east Queensland is leading the fight to protect our final defense against deadly superbugs. Scientists believe most antibiotic prescriptions are unnecessary and lead to the development of drug-resistant
Brisbane Times · 7/2/2015
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Each year, at least 23,000 Americans die from drug-resistant infections carried by so-called superbugs -- pathogens that were once easily treatable but that can now withstand modern medicine's full arsenal of …
The Huffington Post · ByLynne Peeples · 6/30/2015
Earlier this year, drug-resistant superbugs recently made headlines across the country after nearly 200 patients treated at California’s UCLA Medical Center were exposed to a deadly antibiotic-resistant bacteria. The …
About Lawsuits · ByMartha Garcia · 6/30/2015
Health officials have been warning us about antibiotic overuse and drug-resistant "superbugs" for a long time. But today the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is sounding the alarm in a new way. For the first time, the CDC is categorizing drug ...
CNN · ByMiriam Falco · 9/17/2013
Superbugs are antibiotic-resistant microbes ... “The Little Black Book Of Billionaires Secrets” O’Neill believes the effects of drug-resistant bacteria on our future world will be very real. His thoughts were revealed in a …
ETF Daily News · 6/29/2015
Superbug Threat
(NaturalNews) Drug-resistant superbug infections have reached near-epidemic levels across U.S. hospitals, with an alarming 500% increase now documented in a study just published in the August issue of Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology (the ...
Natural News · ByMike Adams · 7/17/2014
A major health scare in Southern California is highlighting challenges hospitals face with the growing risk of drug-resistant superbugs. "It's serious. This is the fifth major infection over the last two to three years, and it keeps happening," CBS News ...
CBS News · 2/19/2015