"I'm absolutely amazed," the Duchess of Argyll, 68, said in a statement. "I thought that after six years I'd lost them forever. [The jewels] were absolutely irreplaceable, so I'm incredibly delighted. The tiara was a Victorian family one and the necklace ...
ABC News · ByAlon Harish · 6/19/2012
Apparently with lots of humming. Powder Her Face is an opera composed by Thomas Ades, with a libretto by Philip Hensher, based on the infamous Margaret Campbell, the Duchess of Argyll and the scandal her sexual exploits and subsequent divorce in …
Huffington Post UK · 4/3/2014
The duchess, a society beauty at the center of one of Britain's most sensational divorce cases in the 1960s, has died in London after a series of strokes. She was 80. The daughter of a millionaire, she married American amateur golfer Charles Sweeney when ...
Orlando Sentinel · 7/28/1993
The dowager Duchess of Argyll said she was "absolutely amazed" to have found her tiara and other irreplaceable family jewels some six years after they ended up in lost property at Glasgow Airport. The Duchess, the widow of the 12th Duke of Argyll ...
Herald Scotland · 6/19/2012
Unidentified lover in Duchess of Argyll divorce case exposed as not one but two men ... Tonight, the mystery of the "headless man" - or rather headless men - is resolved for the first time, with new evidence identifying not one, but two, lovers. · 8/10/2000
An infamous photo showing Margaret, Duchess of Argyll performing a sex act on a man shocked the nation when it was produced as evidence in her divorce proceedings. But the man’s head was cut off in the photo, leading to feverish speculation as to …
The Daily Express · 12/29/2013
The Duchess of Argyll's $157,000 stash of heirloom jewelry, reportedly lost at the Glasgow Airport six years ago, has finally been finally recovered. Among the goods lost was a Victorian era tiara and a Cartier broach (we'd kill to see that in an episode ...
The Huffington Post · ByRebecca Adams · 6/20/2012
Campbell’s many dalliances earned her the title of “the Dirty Duchess,” most infamously during her divorce from the Duke of Argyll in 1963. Suspecting her of infidelity, the duke launched an investigation that resulted in the discovery of a set of ...
Boston University · 6/18/2015
Nancy Gustafson has canceled her performance as the Duchess of Argyll in Opera Philadelphia's June production of Thomas Adès' Powder Her Face. The singer has been sidelined while recovering from emergency dental surgery, the opera company said.
Philly · 5/10/2013
All the participants are now dead. The sensation of Margaret Campbell, Duchess of Argyll, and the so-called headless man is as historical as the assassination of JFK. Yet despite the now ancient vintage of the 1963 scandal, it persists in its fascination.
Irish Independent · 1/5/2014

Margaret Campbell, Duchess of Argyll

Duchess of Argyll
Margaret, Duchess of Argyll, was a well-known British socialite, best remembered for a celebrated divorce case in 1963 from her second hu…
Margaret, Duchess of Argyll, was a well-known British socialite, best remembered for a celebrated divorce case in 1963 from her second husband, the 11th Duke of Argyll, which featured salacious photographs and scandalous stories.
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