A deer being attacked and killed by an eagle. Photographs of an eagle attacking a deer were taken in southern Russian and have since gone viral all-over the world. A three tip-camera was set up to take pictures of Siberian tigers in their natural habitat ...
AUTO WORLD NEWS · 9/25/2013
An incredibly rare death match between a golden eagle and a young deer was captured on a camera set up to snap photos of Russia’s endangered Siberian tigers. Three images captured by the camera over a 2-second period show an adult golden eagle
FOX 8 · 9/25/2013
A camera trap set up to record tigers snapped three pictures of a golden eagle preying on a young deer in Siberia. A rare death match between a golden eagle and a young deer was inadvertently captured by a camera trap set up to snap pictures of Russia's ...
Live Science · 9/23/2013
A digital camera trap captured the first photo of a golden eagle attacking a young sika deer in southern Russia. The camera trap was originally set up by Linda Kerley of the Zoological Society of London and Jonathan Slaght of the Wildlife Conservation ...
The Business Insider · ByDina Spector · 9/24/2013
Golden eagles have a long rap sheet when it comes to unusual attacks on other animals. According to a news release from the Wildlife Conservation Society, a wildlife camera trap designed to take photos of endangered Siberian tigers in the Russian Far …
National Monitor · 9/23/2013
Never underestimate the power of an eagle. A photo of an eagle attacking a deer went viral today because, well, it’s an amazing image. Holy crap. Eagles are getting aggressive. 1st documented case of an Eagle attacking a deer: ...
Social News Daily · 9/25/2013
The mystery of the fallen deer was solved later in the day when Kerley ... where an amateur photographer was talon-slashed by a bald eagle protecting a nest. Another attack by a trained eagle on a child was recorded by a tourist to Mongolia in 2011.
The Christian Science Monitor · ByPatrik Jonsson · 9/24/2013
LONDON — Remote cameras set up to track Siberian tigers in Russia have caught a golden eagle attack on a sika deer, snapping three photos as the massive bird digs its talons into the distressed animal’s back. Golden eagles typically eat small birds or ...
The Chronicle Herald · 9/26/2013
Sep 24, 2013 10:50 AM ET // by Megan Gannon, Live Science News Editor Related Links Baby-Snatching Eagle Video Viral, But Real? Autumn Colors: Photos Legal Deal to Kill Golden Eagle A rare death match between a golden eagle and a young deer
Discovery Communications · 9/24/2013
"The scientific literature is full of references to golden eagle attacks on different animals from around the world, from things as small as rabbits—their regular prey—to coyote and deer, and even one record in 2004 of an eagle taking a brown bear cub." · 9/23/2013