The magnetic data the researchers found embedded in the ancient magnetite suggests that the Earth had a magnetic field at least 750 million years earlier than previously thought. This puts its formation before an event …
Gizmag · 7 hours ago
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The Earth's magnetic field, which shields the atmosphere from harmful radiation, is at least four billion years old, according to scientists. This is 550 million years older than it was previously believed to be. Scientists at …
The Daily Star · 9 hours ago
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Researchers have claimed Earth is 60 million years older than previously thought. Our planet was believed to have formed approximately 100 million years after the solar system started to take shape 4.6 billion years ago, but scientists now say it was ...
Daily Mail · 6/11/2014
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The work, described in the 31 July issue of Science 1, is a major step forward in understanding when and how Earth began to evolve into its modern form. An ancient magnetic field could have made the 500-million-year-old
Nature · 20 hours ago
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According to a new study, published Friday in the journal Science, Earth might have developed a magnetic field at least four billion years ago -- making it nearly 500 million years older than previous estimates. While it is …
International Business Times · 12 hours ago
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Scientists said Earth and its moon are 60 million years older than previously thought. The moon was created when Theia, a rock roughly the size of Mars, collided violently with our planet. According to Fox News, researchers at the University of Lorraine in ...
News Max · ByNick Sanchez · 6/12/2014
Since 2010, the best estimate of the age of Earth’s magnetic field was 3.45 billion years. But new data show it could be as much as 500 million years older than that. Earth’s magnetic field protects the atmosphere from solar winds—streams of charged ...
Futurity · 10 hours ago
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A group of scientists, based on the well-known collision between Earth and a Mars-sized celestial body some billions of years ago, have determined that Earth is in fact 60 million years older than previously thought. Another recent study describes how ...
Nature World News · 6/11/2014
New research suggests an ancient impact between Earth and a larger object that formed the moon occurred about 40 million years after the birth of the solar system; this means the final stage of the Earth’s formation is 60-million years older than ...
Canada Journal · 6/12/2014
But within about 100 million years of ... getting old, it’s possible that complex life still has a little time. Is Kepler-452b in Its Death Throes? Kepler-452b is the closest Earth-analog we’ve ever found. The planet has a …
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