No birth control method ... their stories on the Essure Problems website, which also serves as a campaign demanding that the FDA pull Essure (produced by Bayer) off the market. Famous consumer advocate and activist Erin Brockovich (yes, that one!) · 11/15/2014
Brockovich is taking on drug manufacturer Bayer after hearing complaints of unremitting pain, bleeding, rashes, and even loss of organs from hundreds of women about Essure, a permanent form of birth control performed by placing metal coils in the fallopian ...
Yahoo Shine Canada · 10/16/2013
Erin Brockovich ... Erin Brockovich, which starred Hollywood actress, Julia Roberts. After over a decade, Brockovich has a new campaign. Her latest grassroots campaign aims to stop a popular and permanent form of birth control called the Essure procedure.
Counsel and Heal · 10/11/2013
Erin Brockovich, the consumer advocate who filed a multimillion ... Brockovich told ABC News that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) gave Essure a preemption status when it was approved in 2002. This would exempt the manufacturer from tort claims ...
Two Missouri women, who claim the non-surgical sterilization device Essure caused painful and life-altering complications, have joined a grassroots online campaign led by activist Erin Brockovich to remove the device from the market. It used to be that ...
KCTV5 News · ByDeann Smith · 9/24/2013
Erin Brockovich is back. Twenty years after leading a multimillion-dollar water contamination case against Pacific Gas & Electric, she has launched a new campaign against Essure, a popular form of birth control. Essure is a form of permanent birth control ... · 10/11/2013
Women like Desa-Lynch have come together against Essure, forming groups like Essure Stories (from Erin Brockovich) and Essure Problems. National Catholic Register reported late last month that the FDA, after receiving thousands of complaints about ...
Live Action News & Opinion · 7/8/2015
Now Erin Brockovich is working to raise awareness about what she considers a dangerous method of permanent birth control - Essure. Essure is NEWS National Sports Entertainment Business International Editor's Picks Snippets Lahore Karachi …
The Nation · 6/25/2014
Erin Brockovich Takes Action This group of women, along with the thousands of others who have spoken out about Essure, has some significant backing: Famed activist Erin Brockovich. From Los Angeles, she talked with her about why she took on this issue.
TuenTo23 23ABC · 10/4/2013
After extensive testing, the Food and Drug Administration said Essure was safe and put it in a class that exempts manufacturers -- in this case, Bayer -- from lawsuits. Now, environmental activist Erin Brockovich is taking on the company -- and the law ...
WTAE Pittsburgh · 10/16/2013