(Newser) – Erin Brockovich, whose fight to clean a water supply took her story to Hollywood, has a new target: pharmaceutical giant Bayer. Its Essure sterilization device permanently prevents pregnancy without surgery via nickel-coated coils in the ...
Newser · ByMatt Cantor · 6/24/2014
Several hundred of them have also gotten pregnant after Essure, with E-babies, as they call them. “So we have a device that’s intended to be permanent birth control, but women are getting pregnant on it,” famed activist Erin Brockovich said.
WREG · ByStephanie Scurlock · 11/25/2014
A few thousand women say permanent contraception device Essure produces agonizing pain. Essure says they're in the minority. Erin Brockovich is on the case. Ventura County Mother Tanya Lovis told CBS that she was "literally walking around hunched …
Jezebel · 1/13/2010
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Originally, women were advised to test for that allergy before getting Essure, but the manufacturer asked the FDA to remove that requirement a few years ago. According to the manufacturer, about 750,000 have had it implanted to date. Erin Brockovich Takes ...
NewsNet 5 · 11/1/2013
Erin Brockovich has started a new campaign to take a particular birth control device off the market, saying she’s seen and heard claims from thousands of women who say they suffered injuries after using it. Essure, which is known as a cheaper alternative ...
WebProNews · ByAmanda Crum · 10/10/2013
In this photograph from Bayer, a woman holds one of the two coils of the Essure birth control device ... This fall, consumer advocate Erin Brockovich came out against Essure in a webpage liberally shared through social media. She said she has received ...
USA Today · 1/1/2015
One example seems to be Essure ... this birth control off the market. “You have to look at the numbers of women in front of you, all presenting with the same type of symptoms, from excess bleeding to hysterectomies to getting pregnant,” Brockovich ...
Growing Your Baby · 10/7/2013
Also, several hundred Essure patients have gotten pregnant with so-called e-babies after Essure. Recently, famous activist Erin Brockovich joined in the fight. Brockovich launched this website for women who have suffered adverse effects because of Essure. · 11/14/2014
including the launch of a webpage launched by the prominent activist Erin Brockovich. In October, the FDA released the results of their own investigation into Essure, finding that the complications, for the most part, were known during clinical trials ...
About Lawsuits · ByIrvin Jackson · 4/21/2014
enlisted the support of Erin Brockovich and launched an education assault on several social media platforms. This spring, the administrators traveled to Germany to testify before the Bayer stockholders meeting. Bayer purchased Essure from Conceptus two ...
News 10 · 6/24/2014
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