In the last two decades since Erin Brockovich's remarkable win against Big Gas ... Now, she's got all the tools of social media to drive home her messages. Statement by Bayer on Essure, 23 July, 2013 "At Bayer, we care about patients ...
ABC Online · 10/17/2013
Essure is now owned by Bayer Healthcare, which purchased the product from Conceptus, Inc. The Facebook group has now gained a strong ally from environmental activist, Erin Brockovich, who is calling for a safety review of Essure.
PIX11 · 8/14/2014
Recently, famous activist Erin Brockovich joined in the fight. Brockovich launched this website for women who have suffered adverse effects because of Essure. “So we have a device that`s intended to be permanent birth control, but women are getting ...
Fox43 · 11/15/2014
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Today, Essure Problems, which has the support of consumer advocate Erin Brockovich, has nearly 5,000 members and is adding more than 100 members a week. On the site, the women compare symptoms, offer advice and share their medical records …
Chicago Tribune · ByJulie Deardorff · 12/23/2013
CINCINNNATI – JennieFischer, of Latonia, Kentucky, endured years of migraines, hair loss and mysterious red welts all over her body after getting the Essure birth control implant ... This fall, consumer advocate Erin Brockovich came out against Essure ...
Marion Star · 1/5/2015
They plead for medical experts to study their complaints. This fall, consumer advocate Erin Brockovich came out against Essure in a webpage liberally shared through social media. She said she has received hundreds of messages about "debilitating …
Central Ohio · 1/1/2015
I just wanted to feel good," Holt said. Erin Brockovich Takes Action This group of women, along with the thousands of others who have spoken out about Essure, has some significant backing: Famed activist Erin Brockovich. We flew to Los Angeles to talk …
ABC 2 News · 10/4/2013
The troubles reported by her and others — there’s a Facebook page called Essure Problems, and consumer activist Erin Brockovich maintains a website, — include back, joint and pelvic pain, bleeding, extreme lethargy, headaches ...
Albany Democrat-Herald · 4/21/2014
RINGTOWN — An estimated 1,000 women around the country have gone online to blame the Essure birth control device for their ... “I had several hundred women coming to me,” said Erin Brockovich. From her office in Los Angeles, Brockvich told us she ...
WNEP-TV 16 · ByDave Bohman · 9/26/2013
In the last year, consumer advocate Erin Brockovich. She started her own website for ... choice continue to outweigh the risks of the device. As the number of complaints about Essure continues to rise, is the FDA getting any more concerned about the ...
KATU · 4/17/2014
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