Canada’s anticipated withdrawal from the multinational joint strike fighter program could drive up the cost of the aircraft for U.S. taxpayers, said the officer managing the project. Ottawa was slated to buy 65 F-35s. But …
National Defense Magazine · 11/13/2015
Canadian Pullout
If we were to do away with the F-35 program, completely revamp the way our government funds higher education, and start from scratch, we could allocate $62 billion in funding for tuition-free college every year for the … · 11/13/2015
The agreement also reaffirms Fokker’s position as a strategic supplier in the F-35 program and helps secure skilled specialist work at Fokker Technologies in Hoogeveen and Papendrecht (Netherlands) and its supply base over the coming years.
Asia Travel Tips · 11/23/2015
Northrop Grumman
The F-35 program took its first step forward, integrating partner nations with the arrival of the first Australian F-35 Dec. 18, 2014, at Luke. Almost a year later, the next big international step for the program came when two … · ByGrace Lee · 11/12/2015
Norwegian partners
The abilities of the F-35 uncover new territory for crew chiefs at the 33rd FW, empowering them to create guidelines and regulations for future maintainers to follow. “Technology guidance was not complete when the …
NW Florida Daily News · 11/18/2015
"If you look at traditional Marine Corps aircraft, it’s probably 50 years’ worth of work." - Jeff O’Connell, site and depot lead for the F-35 program at FRC East Workers at Fleet Readiness Center East are celebrating the facility’s confirmation as ...
Havelock News · ByDrew C. Wilson · 11/13/2015
FRC East
FORT WORTH — An F-35 taxis out of a hangar at the Lockheed Martin Aeronautics plant and proceeds to the edge of a runway, the view of the Fort Worth skyline shimmering in the August heat. A smaller, sleek F-16, acting as a chase plane, pulls up …
Dallas News · 10/5/2015
The cost to develop and build the Joint Strike Fighter fleet rose 1.88 percent over the past year because of delays in the production line and failures of the engine producer to bring down costs, said Lt. Gen. Chris Bogdan, F-35 Program Executive Officer.
Dod Buzz · 4/17/2014
VICTORIA, British Columbia — Whether Canada withdraws from the F-35 program will be decided next week as Canadians select a new political party to form the country’s next government. Liberal Party leader Justin Trudeau says if elected on Oct. 19, his ...
Defense News · 10/11/2015
On October 19, Canada experienced a political sea change when the Liberal party won national elections and ended the Conservative party's nine-year grip on power. Among the numerous changes that this will bring is the country's likely withdrawal from the ...
Yahoo Finance · 10/26/2015