James said the dogfight against the F-16 provided the F-35 program with valuable data but she also stressed that the F-35 will be a different plane when it's fully operational. The F-35 then will have the capability to "see … · 7/29/2015
Joe DellaVedova, director of public affairs for the F-35 program, however, defended the F-35’s performance, saying the leaked report lacked the proper context. Because the F-35 is a multirole fighter, unlike past models that were more specialized ...
East Idaho News · 20 hours ago
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“In the Air Force we like to say flexibility is key to air power,” he said. “Well, it’s the same exact thing (in the F-35 program).” The Ogden ALC recently completed depot-level modifications on two F-35Bs — the U.
Ogden Standard-Examiner · 7/28/2015
combat jets
(CNN)Three years behind schedule and some $200 billion over its original budget, the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter program is finally set to become operational this month. The fighter jet has been in development for nearly …
CNN · 7/16/2015
In March 2012, it was revealed by Tom Burbage, Lockheed Martin F-35 program manager, that the F-35 Lightning II will be used and to be flown by Maverick in the sequel. Top Gun 2 has been on the drawing board for …
Gospel Herald · 7/28/2015
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“The biggest lesson I have learned from the F-35 is never again should we be flying an aircraft ... nearly $1 trillion to maintain and operate the joint strike fighter (JSF) program over the course of its lifetime, according to …
RT · 1 day ago
Air Force secretary
Watkins said the Airmen have been writing programs on how the unit will maintain the F-35 in peace and wartime scenarios and have created a flying hours program that includes directives for training, off-station sorties …
Alamogordo Daily News · 7/22/2015
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Washington – Lockheed Martin, maker of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, whose engines are produced by Pratt & Whitney, recently held a glitzy reception in the atrium of the Rayburn House Office Building, complete with a buffet and the chance to “fly ...
The CT Mirror · 4/1/2015
The Pentagon announced how it plans to spend hundreds of billions of dollars over the next 40 to 50 years sustaining and maintaining the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter in Europe for decades after it enters service. Heavy airframe maintenance work will go to ...
Dod Buzz · 12/11/2014
Summer is the silly season for defense coverage in the nation’s capital. With much of official Washington gone, journalists have to work harder to find anything worth reporting. When they uncover an item that sounds like it might be newsy, they get as ...
Forbes · ByLoren Thompson · 7/13/2015
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