Those sprinkles on top of a doughnut might be the first to go under the new FDA ban on trans fats. Photo: Kate Fisher, Flickr. Essentially closing the barn door after the horse has bolted, the Food and Drug …
The Motley Fool · ByRich Duprey · 6/21/2015
Trans fats, the artificial ingredient found in many unhealthy foods, will soon be a thing of the past now that the Food and Drug Administration is forcing food manufacturers to remove them from their products. Though …
Red and Black · 7/2/2015
The Food and Drug Administration in U.S. have announced a final three-year timetable to eliminate artificial trans fats from the edible products. According to the FDA, the reason behind the anticipated ban is that trans
Times of India · 6/30/2015
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The Food and Drug Administration on Tuesday said it will give manufacturers three years to remove artificial trans fat from the nation’s food supply, a move that the agency estimates could reduce coronary heart …
Washington Post · ByBrady Dennis · 6/16/2015
trans fats
The nutrition facts show a box of margarine containing 3 grams of trans fat. (Photo: Joe Raedle, Getty Images) Last week, the FDA announced that food manufacturers will be required to stop using partially hydrogenated …
USA Today · 6/23/2015
trans fat
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The final nail in the coffin, so to speak, was delivered to trans fats just last week as the FDA made that decision to ban them altogether, giving food companies a June 2018 deadline to phase them out. My take on Trans
New Jersey Online · ByGeorge Guerin · 7/1/2015
trans fats
The FDA has decided that trans fats are so bad for us that they have issued a ban on them. The cost of this ban could range from $2.8 billion to $11 billion over the next three years. That sounds like a lot of money that …
NewsBlaze · 6/26/2015
It was reported Monday that President Barack Obama's Food and Drug Administration has issued a ban on trans fats that could cost as much as $11 billion. In a news release from the FDA, it states that the agency …
Examiner · 6/23/2015
Trans fat ban
West Virginia University experts say the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's mandate to remove artificial trans fats from the country's food supply by 2018 is a long overdue move in the right direction for public health. Kristin McCartney, a dietician and ...
News-Medical · 6/30/2015
In a major public health victory, the FDA has announced an impending ban on partially ... Experts predict that the ban on trans fat will reduce heart disease and heart attacks by the thousands annually. But you don't have to wait three years to start ...
TCPalm · 7/1/2015