Good news for every Little Miss Hot Mess and Jemmaroid von Laalaa out there: a German privacy watchdog has ordered Facebook to allow users to take out accounts under pseudonyms. According to Bloomberg News …
Naked Security · 7/30/2015
Facebook looks to increase awareness of its security features through the latest announcement in the Facebook Newsroom, introducing the Security Checkup feature. The feature makes it easier to find security controls … · 18 hours ago
Security Checkup
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Washington Post · 10 hours ago
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But the practice also raises potential privacy concerns. “I think most users really have no idea how much information Facebook collects about them or how Facebook is able to infer from even a post to a friend what their …
New York Times · ByAshley Parker · 7/29/2015
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Facebook has had the same policy for years: if you want to sign up for an account you must use your real name and prove it with ID. However, that is now becoming an issue in some countries due to the privacy
Geek · ByMatthew Humphries · 17 hours ago
Facebook argued both that search warrants were overly broad ... s cell phones was admissible as evidence because there was no “legitimate expectation of privacy” with correspondence or personal information …
Forbes · 17 hours ago
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Facebook's authentic name policy was meant to make the social media platform a safe place where "pretending to be anything or anyone isn't allowed." But, ironically the policy bred harassment instead of curtailing it.
Engadget · 7/28/2015
Privacy advocates continue to sound warnings about Facebook’s collection of biometric data. The concerns have mostly been brought about by the social media company’s use of facial recognition technology on … · 7/29/2015
This is the environment driving companies such as Facebook and Google to differentiate via security on some fronts. Google early last month introduced its My Account feature, a privacy and security settings tool that …
Threatpost · 20 hours ago
Security Checkup
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Facebook’s controversial policy that requires users to list their real name came under fire by a German privacy watchdog group. The group, the Hamburg Data Protection Authority, serves as an overseer of Facebook in …
Digital Trends · 7/29/2015
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