First, the not-for-profit branch of Mark Zuckerberg’s was accused of violating Net neutrality standards. But now, Zuckerberg’s pet project is the least of Facebook’s concerns, as the social media giant …
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European Union
If you aren’t sure, then location is probably on as Facebook tends to snub privacy-by-design options; location sharing is on by default. Khanna, who named Marauders Map after Harry Potter’s magical map capable of …
Computer World · 1 hour ago
Marauders Map
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Since the Messenger app comes with a default sharing option, you as a consumer might be responsible for not changing the default options yourself and Facebook might subsequently cannot be held accountable for any … · 17 minutes ago
Marauders Map
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Facebook Inc has become a veteran of the battles fought over online privacy, data security and net neutrality, and it does not look like the social network will be free from scrutiny any time soon. For several months, the …
Silicon Angle · 18 hours ago
BRUSSELS—Belgium’s privacy watchdog ripped into Facebook Inc. FB-1.17 % for treating the personal data of Internet users “with contempt” and failing to cooperate with its inquiries, stoking a dispute between …
Wall Street Journal · ByTom Fairless ,Tom.fairless andLisa Fleisher · 5/16/2015
Privacy Controls
At least five data protection watchdogs across the region are questioning Facebook’s privacy settings, Mark Scott writes. And in a case that could have broad implications for many tech companies, the region’s top …
Bits Blog NYTimes · 1 day ago
Regulators Gird
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The study found that 17% of parents never checked their Facebook privacy settings and nearly half (46%) only once or twice. Most parents (53%) use Facebook to share images of their children, followed by Instagram (14%) …
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privacy settings
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BRUSSELS - Belgium's privacy watchdog accused Facebook on Friday of trampling on European privacy laws by tracking people online without their consent and dodging questions from national regulators. The Privacy
Toronto Sun · 5/15/2015
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The 2010 layout offered a sneak peek into a user’s personal space to any profile visitor, hence jeopardizing people’s privacy. This layout generated sheer criticism from the users; despite this none of the users …
Dazeinfo · 10 hours ago
Someone seems to be lurking... Flickr user: mkhmarketing A Belgian watchdog has urged all Internet users to download privacy software specifically to shield themselves from Facebook's grasp. The social network has …
Ars Technica · ByLiat Clark · 5/20/2015
privacy software
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