The software would be free for all users. Facebook and Summit said that they adhered to the student privacy practices recommended by the federal government, and that Facebook could not use student data for its …
New York Times · 5 hours ago
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Who owns your face? Believe it or not, the answer depends on which state you live in, and chances are, you live in one that hasn’t even weighed in yet. That could soon change. For the fourth time this year, Facebook
International Business Times · andChristopher Zara · 10 hours ago
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Facebook and a few other companies such as Uber ... thanks to the connectivity of the Internet. But there are tradeoffs. Privacy is one, because what people care or don't care to share is unpredictable. We also can't be …
CNN · 11 hours ago
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Cox says the educational software does not require a Facebook account and is subject to "strict privacy controls" to protect student data.
USA Today · 10 hours ago
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Perhaps defending the initiative from being seen as an attempt to gain even more users -- especially at young ages -- Cox noted PLP access doesn't require a Facebook account, and the system is "subject to strict …
ZDNet · ByRachel King · 1 day ago
The software won't require a Facebook account to join, and the company promises that the team working with Summit operates independently from the rest of the company. "Everybody working on the PLP is subject to …
Yahoo Finance · 14 hours ago
Facebook today is very different from Facebook five years ago. And the popularity of Snapchat tells us something about this generation’s shifting expectations for social media — for enhanced privacy, exclusivity and …
Inman News · 9/1/2015
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Students don’t log in with Facebook, and engineers handle data in accordance with the White House’s Student Privacy Pledge, which prevents them from selling student information or using their behavior to target …
The Verge · 11 hours ago
Then he submitted the numbers to Facebook and got back information from millions of profiles that had poor privacy settings ( If he had wanted to, he could have turned around and sold the information on the black market to hackers who build ...
The Post and Courier · 3 hours ago
These include maintaining active Twitter presences and professional Facebook pages for less-tailored health tips. That way, patients can get useful information and a sense of their doctors as people, but privacy stays …
Medscape News · 15 hours ago