The 32-year-old Swedish woman was rushed to hospital with nausea and vomiting, heart palpitations, trembling and spasms in her limbs. When questioned, she said she had been following a a strict low carbohydrate …
Daily Mail · 18 hours ago
low carbohydrate
A fat woman is not any lazier than a skinny woman. Thirdly, there are other factors that lead women to be fat other than poor diet and lack of exercise. Genetics and socialization have a major part to play in the rising …
Standard Group · 6 hours ago
A 32-year-old Swedish woman and new mother developed a life-threatening condition after eating a low-carb, high-fat (LCHF) diet while breastfeeding, according to doctors. The woman had apparently been following the …
Opposing Views · 2 hours ago
Low Carb
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Diets High in Animal Fat The Nurses' Health Study II showed "premenopausal women who ate diets high in animal fat had a 40 to 50 percent higher risk of breast cancer compared to women who ate less animal fat.
The Huffington Post · 10/5/2015
breast cancer
The body uses fat from the diet to make tissue and manufacture bio-chemicals such ... Based on current information, a woman must have a minimum fat of 13-17 per cent for regular menstruation. “If a woman’s per cent …
Punch · 16 hours ago
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We do have women who have breast cancer in her family for testing which I think is a good idea for some people," Dr. Glass said. Dr. Glass said more research still needs to be done, but does recommend low-fat diets as they could also help with heart …
7 KLTV · 10/2/2015
breast cancer
We ate full cream milk, people used fat. So it wasn’t difficult to convince these ... Heart disease is a minor problem… the (real) problem is diabetes,” he said. “These women went on this diet… they started to get … · 9/26/2015
Wheelbarrow sexual position strengthens the arms of the woman and for the man too. A man also uses his leg muscles to support the girl and also uses his core muscles. Top 10 Sex Positions that are Fat-Burning …
Times of India · 1 day ago
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compared with women told to follow a low-fat diet," USA Today reported. However, some breast cancer researchers worry that the study is too preliminary to influence treatment plans for women at risk for breast cancer …
Beaver County Times · 9/25/2015
Mediterranean diet
... did so were 62 percent less likely to be diagnosed with breast cancer compared with women who were simply asked to reduce the overall amount of fat in their diets. The results were published Monday in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine. The clinical ...
LJWORLD · 9/29/2015
breast cancer