A Florida family who spends their time together hunting for treasure struck it rich over the weekend, hauling up an estimated $300,000 worth of gold from an historic wreckage ... of up to 20 percent of the find for display in a state museum.
IBN LIve · 9/4/2013
A Florida family of self-described treasure hunters brought home the proverbial big score on Monday after recovering gold and jewelry estimated to be worth about $300,000, the Orlando Tribune reported. In describing his feelings about his family’s ...
Raw Story · ByArturo Garcia · 9/2/2013
Slowly, as a skull was revealed, an archaeologist made the fateful announcement: There were gold teeth fillings ... The discovery was made in late May by the Florida-based nonprofit group History Flight, which has been …
Contra Costa Times · ByMark Emmons · 1 day ago
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Rick and Lisa Schmitt, along with their two children, found gold ... find some. Florida will be allowed to take 20 percent of the treasure for display at a state museum, but the rest will be split evenly between Brisben and the Schmitt family.
AUTO WORLD NEWS · 9/4/2013
Florida's Treasure Coast was named after the disaster. Brisben also struck gold this ... that he started his family's diving salvage business. In 2002, his son, Eric Schmitt, then a Lake Mary High School sophomore, had his first big find near Sebastian.
Orlando Sentinel · ByDesiree Stennett · 9/3/2013
WEST PALM BEACH, FL — The Schmitt family has spent every day of the last 13 summers searching for gold off the Treasure Coast of Florida. And it looks like their hard work sifting through trash in the Atlantic Ocean has finally paid off: They’ve just ...
Fox2now · 9/4/2013
The treasure-hunting Schmitt family made the discovery of a lifetime after finding what could be $300,000 worth of gold off the coast of Fort Pierce in Florida, reports the Orlando Sentinel. The family—along with diver and friend, Dale Zeak— found the ... · 9/4/2013
Local treasure hunters are counting their latest discovery after they found hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of gold off the Florida coast. The company Booty Salvage, owned by a Sanford family, looks for riches off the Treasure Coast in South Florida.
WESH · 9/3/2013
St. Johns County was also recently ranked as the Healthiest County in Florida for the fourth year in a row by a University of Wisconsin/Robert Woods Johnson Foundation study. Faith of Our Fathers Film Review by …
St. Augustine News · 6/28/2015
A family from Florida has come across a Spanish treasure worth $300,000 (€228,000) off the Florida coast. The Schmitt are professional bounty hunters who operate under company name Booty Salvage. They have been helped by diver Dale Zeak in …
Softpedia News · 9/4/2013
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