PARIS (AP) — It was supposed to force millionaires to pay tax rates of up to 75 percent: "Cuba without the sun," as described by a critic from the banking industry. Socialist President Francois Hollande's super tax was rejected by a court, rewritten and ...
Oklahoma News · 12/31/2014
PARIS - France's Constitutional Council gave the green light on Sunday to the government's controversial 'millionaire tax', to be levied on companies that pay salaries of more than 1 million euros ($1.38 million) a year. The measure, introduced in line ...
Toronto Sun · 12/30/2013
France’s Constitutional Council has tossed the 75 percent tax on millionaires because a major loophole made it discriminatory in the way it applied to certain households. The new tax rate is a key component of the agenda of the country’s socialist ...
The Inquisitr · 12/29/2012
The proposed 75 percent top tax rate, up from 48 percent, will affect around 30,000 French citizens, or 0.46 percent of the population. If Parliament approves the budget when it comes up for review in September, France will have the world’s highest tax ...
International Business Times · ByOliver Tree · 9/28/2012
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