The cult favorite animated series Futurama is ending for good next week and to mark the occasion, Comedy Central is hosting a live discussion with creator Matt Groening online before and after the finale. Voice actors Billy West, Maurice LaMarche, Phil ...
The Celebrity · ByDaniel S Levine · 8/29/2013
As if the end of summer vacation wasn’t bad enough, we now have to face the end of the season for Comedy Central’ Futurama. The good news is that the cabler is easing the pain by offering two back-to-back episodes on Wednesday, August 28 at 10 p.
Animation Magazine · ByRamin Zahed · 8/27/2012
HuffPost Canada TV spoke with Cohen about letting go, crafting a perfect series finale and what he has to say to the “Futurama” fans who’ve stuck with the franchise through all its ups and downs. HuffPost TV: How does it feel knowing that the series ...
The Huffington Post · 12/3/2013
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Recently, Katey Sagal opened up to Vulture about landing the role of lifetime after landing her previous role of a lifetime: “I never thought that would happen again. I was pretty blessed to have it happen once, and then to have it happen again in such a ...
Classicalite · 12/29/2014
Futurama ... and final, season on Comedy Central on Wednesday with a final goodbye for fans of the sci-fi comedy series from creator of "The Simpsons" Matt Groening. ***SPOILER ALERT: The remainder of the article contains spoilers from the finale ...
HNGN · 9/5/2013
Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth A series finale is always a fitting opportunity to tie up the loose threads, to reunite old characters, and maybe enjoy a few final moments with the cast. However, the Futurama series finale is a bit different.
Digital Trends · 2/8/2015
Futurama” is coming to an end…again. Comedy Central confirmed today that this summer’s new season of the toon laffer will be its last. The series finale is slated for Sept. 4. Sci-fi comedy, created by Matt Groening and produced by 20th Century ...
Variety · ByAj Marechal · 4/22/2013
"Futurama" has been canceled for the second time in its history, this time by Comedy Central. The show will conclude its 140-episode run on Sept. 14. The final 13 episodes, the second half of Season 7, will premiere on June 19 at 10 p.m. Like Us on ...
Mstarz News · 4/23/2013
Futurama is an important show ... and thoughts to emerge in a viewer that are as lasting and deep as any poem, story or song. In the series finale, time is accidentally stopped (with the device that can turn time back 10 seconds) and Fry gets to finally ...
Mic · 9/5/2013
Futurama's having its holiday spectacular and Venture Bros. has a one-hour season finale — and we've got clips! Plus meet Summer Glau's "little friend" on Chuck. Ben Edlund writes Supernatural, Fringe's Walternate makes his move and Walking Dead …
Io9 · 11/15/2010
Futurama is an American adult animated science fiction sitcom created by Matt Groening and developed by …
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