Rick Perry will discuss his presidential candidacy. Perry recently argued in a speech at the National Press Club that the GOP could offer African Americans a better deal than Democrats have. Sens. Tom Cotton, R-Ark.
USA Today · 1 day ago
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Democratic voters tend to dislike trade deals, but if Obama’s happy they’re happy. GOP voters really hate fast track ... bill and they figured Obama’s last months in office would offer him few chances to gild his …
Salon · 1 day ago
Dylann Roof
was open to more proposals from Republican governors. "We welcome the conversation," she said, calling Indiana's Medicaid plan "a big deal and a very important deal." The stakes in these discussions are high.
Los Angeles Times · ByNoam N. Levey · 1 day ago
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It raises the amounts proposed in previous GOP plans for early learning programs, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families and mental health programs, and offers a larger raise ... After that deal is struck, the final budget must still be proof-read and ...
The Spokesman-Review · 6/25/2015
Not long after last week's narrow House vote to provide "fast-track authority" for the president to finish a trade deal with nations across the Pacific Rim, Colorado Rep. Ken Buck, a Republican, sent out a fund-raising e-mail touting his opposition.
Fort Morgan Times · 6/25/2015
Hillary Rodham Clinton is warning New Hampshire voters that if the country elects a Republican president, the next administration will repeal President Barack Obama's health care overhaul. The Democratic presidential front-runner says she will offer ...
NWI · 7/3/2015
GOP offers deal, and the White House may be listening. Republican leaders in the House are suggesting a deal of a six-week increase in the national debt (now nearly $16.8 trillion) ceiling in order to prevent a U.S. default on debts, which would be the ...
Examiner · 10/10/2013
The Republicans are offering a deal to the White House that will either be a face-saving way to declare a partial victory — or a no starter. But it is a form of positive movement. They’re proposing to raise the debt limit for six weeks but keep the ...
The Moderate Voice · ByJoe Gandelman · 10/10/2013
To understand why the centerpiece initiative of President Obama’s budget makes so much sense, imagine that U.S. corporations decided to bring home — in cash — the estimated $2 trillion in profits they are stashing overseas to avoid paying U.S. taxes.
Washington Post · ByEugene Robinson · 2/3/2015
House Republicans are pressuring Gov. Mark Dayton to take a deal on public school funding. Education funding has been the biggest sticking point among three unresolved pieces of the state's budget. House Speaker Kurt Daudt on Monday offered to kick …
Keloland · 6/1/2015