WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama's nuclear deal with Iran drew support from a member of the Senate Democratic leadership and sharp criticism from a senior Republican on Tuesday, ahead of private briefings …
FOX News · 7/21/2015
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"No big deal." But the effort was enthusiastically cheered by some conservative groups that promised to use Congress' upcoming August recess to pressure House Republicans to support it — a period Republican
MSN · 5 minutes ago
PHILADELPHIA (WSAU-Wheeler News) Governor Scott Walker says the state's financing for a new Milwaukee Bucks arena is a "good deal all the way around." The Republican Walker tells reporters in Philadelphia he'll …
WSAU News · 5 hours ago
Bucks arena
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said the deal "offers the best option to prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon." This marks a major gain for the Obama administration in their search for support on the nuclear deal. The Republican-controlled …
Radio Free Europe · 13 hours ago
nuclear deal
Mike Lee struck a deal Monday with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell ... which would allow the Senate to roll back the health care law with a simple majority (51 votes). The Utah Republican secured the …
The Foundry · 20 hours ago
Repeal Obamacare
“We’ve been talking a lot about a certain Republican presidential candidate whose campaign ... To distract himself from Trump, Stewart launched into a discussion of the Iran nuclear deal, which aims to curb Tehran’s nuclear program while easing ...
The Huffington Post · 7/23/2015
In a letter to Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, Nunes requested an analysis about whether intelligence agencies will be able to verify Iran's compliance with the deal. The California Republican also is seeking …
Arkansas Online · 6 hours ago
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The top Republican and Democrat on the House Foreign Affairs Committee expressed doubts about the Iran nuclear deal, as top administration officials ... Saying the accord “offers the best option to prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon,” he ...
Bloomberg · 1 day ago
Iran Deal
GOP offers deal, and the White House may be listening. Republican leaders in the House are suggesting a deal of a six-week increase in the national debt (now nearly $16.8 trillion) ceiling in order to prevent a U.S. default on debts, which would be the ...
Examiner · 10/10/2013