Offer solutions. We need to take our principles ... You have three or four candidates who have said they won’t vote for the Pacific trade deal sight unseen. Is the Republican Party changing in fundamental ways? REP.
Wall Street Journal · 11/23/2015
Republican Party
These deals resulted from "equal time" requests made after leading GOP candidate Donald Trump guest-hosted Saturday ... candidate free exposure in non-news or documentary broadcasts to offer equivalent time to …
NPR News · 1 day ago
GOP Candidates
A high-stakes, 90-minute meeting between President Obama and House Republican leaders Thursday night ended in an unusual way: with a flicker of hope. While the two sides failed to strike a deal on a continuing ... say no” to that offer, Ryan told ...
RealClear Politics · ByCaitlin Huey-Burns · 10/11/2013
House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) announced a new debt ceiling deal Thursday: Extend the borrowing limit for six weeks without any ObamaCare strings attached. The measure does not reopen the 17% of the federal government that’s currently shut …
The Patriot Post · 10/10/2013
Republicans said Tuesday that they might allow $250 billion to $300 billion of additional tax revenue as part of a deal to shave $1.2 trillion from federal deficits over the next 10 years. Democrats, though, did not seem to view the plan as a major concession.
News-Medical · 11/10/2011
A new Republican River agreement will mean more irrigation water for some Nebraska farmers this summer and make it easier to ensure Kansas gets the water it is entitled to. Disputes over the water in the river have continued for decades, but recently ...
KETV Omaha · 3/9/2015
(Newser) – With a Thanksgiving deadline fast approaching, the GOP members of a deficit-reduction supercommittee are pressing a plan to cut the deficit by about $1.5 trillion over the coming decade, showing flexibility on tax revenue increases for the ...
Newser · 11/8/2011
To understand why the centerpiece initiative of President Obama’s budget makes so much sense, imagine that U.S. corporations decided to bring home — in cash — the estimated $2 trillion in profits they are stashing overseas to avoid paying U.S. taxes.
Washington Post · ByEugene Robinson · 2/3/2015
The Republicans’ latest hostage deal on the debt ceiling is to offer a six week extension of the debt limit ... with no commensurate tax increases. The GOP, and its Tea Party overlords, aren’t even serious about reaching a deal.
America blog · 10/14/2013
WASHINGTON — House Speaker Dennis Hastert on Monday improved the odds that Congress will approve an election-year minimum-wage increase when he offered to remove two Republican tax-relief proposals that have blocked the bill. In urging …
Chicago Tribune · ByWilliam Neikirk andWashington Bureau · 8/29/2000