Republican senators' letter to Iran about ongoing nuclear talks ... came after it was announced Monday that 47 Senate Republicans who oppose a potential deal with Iran over its nuclear program had signed a letter to the country's leaders.
NPR News · ByBill Chappell · 3/10/2015
President Barack Obama will “greatly curtail deportations” of illegal immigrants unless the GOP legislators agree to end deportations by granting amnesty to 11 million illegal immigrants, New York Sen. Chuck Schumer wrote in an angry Facebook post.
The Daily Caller · ByNeil Munro · 12/17/2013
The Republican Party has a message for the American people: Meet the new deal, same as the old deal. The GOP “counter-offer” to the President’s fiscal-cliff proposal isn’t really an offer at all: It’s a rehash of the tired and extremist right ...
WASHINGTON (AP) — With a blend of tax hikes and spending increases, President Barack Obama's budget spells out a policy agenda that will distinguish him from Republicans who now control Congress. It also will contain what amount to opening bids …
St. Louis Post-Dispatch · 2/1/2015
A day after Republicans proposed a fiscal cliff counteroffer, Minnesota Congressman Keith Ellison says a path to striking a deal before the end-of-year deadline is "more opaque." "I think there should be a deal," Ellison told City Pages earlier today.
City Pages · ByAndy Mannix · 12/4/2012
he's serious enough to win the Republican nomination and then the White House. Everyone else will be hoping to offer up performances that can unseat those two front runners. They probably won't be dancing in neon colored cubes, though. But you likely …
International Business Times · 11/10/2015
Let's begin with a complication: The House Republicans' counter-offer ... this House GOP plan as much publicly as they are. Again, not that diff from Sen compromise — Chuck Todd (@chucktodd) October 15, 2013 No one expects Boehner's deal to get thru ... · ByGuy Benson · 10/16/2013
ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) – House Republicans are pressuring Gov. Mark Dayton to take a deal on public school funding. Education funding has been the biggest sticking point among three unresolved pieces of the state’s budget. House Speaker Kurt Daudt …
AM 1240 WJON · 6/1/2015
Republican presidential candidates almost universally came out on Tuesday against the Obama administration's nuclear deal with Iran ... Some notable exceptions didn't immediately offer a reaction: Sens. Rand Paul (R-Kentucky) and real-estate magnate ...
The Business Insider · 7/14/2015
Republicans have apparently taken a cue from presidential loser Mitt Romney on how to put together a budget plan: Explain nothing. House Speaker John Boehner's latest offer, issued Monday, proposes serious reductions in spending, but fails to specify ...
Mother Jones · ByErika Eichelberger · 12/5/2012