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Last July, George Clooney called out the site for reportedly publishing ... However, George was not satisfied and described them as “the worst kind of tabloid.” “In the apology, managing editor Charles Garside …
The Inquisitr · 13 hours ago
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George Clooney knows you're disappointed with his 1997 film "Batman & Robin." He is, too, and he knows he'll never live it down. The 53-year-old actor shocked fans Thursday when he showed up at New York Comic Con for a panel on his new movie ...
The Business Insider · ByKirsten Acuna · 10/10/2014
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George Clooney rarely speaks out about his private life ... The piece, picked up by outlets worldwide earlier this week, alleged that Baria Alamuddin opposed Clooney's upcoming marriage to her daughter Amal Alamuddin for religious reasons.
Los Angeles Times · ByChristie D'Zurilla · 7/9/2014
Hollywood leading man George Clooney once got an apology from actor Russell Crowe after the star said uncomplimentary things about him. In a frank and wide-ranging interview in Esquire magazine's December issue, Clooney discussed his feelings about …
ABC News · 11/11/2013
George Clooney has rejected an apology from British news site The Daily Mail over an article it ran Monday claiming his fiancée's mother disapproved of their wedding plans. On Wednesday, Clooney rejected the story, writing in USA Today that it was ...
News Max · ByNick Sanchez · 7/11/2014
"Let me see your wrist," he requested Letterman after taking a seat. Letterman obliged, and Clooney promptly slapped a pair of handcuffs on him, linking the two men together. "Wait a minute!" cried Letterman. Clooney stood and repeated "nope" and "no ... · 5/15/2015
George Clooney knows how to get results. After the actor penned a ferocious op-ed decrying a recent Daily Mail article about his fiancee's ... The Mail yanked the story from its website and issued an abject apology to Clooney. The piece claimed that ...
The Huffington Post · ByJack Mirkinson · 7/9/2014
George Clooney sees no reason to keep his upcoming nuptials hush ... and then refused to accept the Daily Mail's subsequent apology.
CNN · ByBreeanna Hare · 9/9/2014
MANILA, Philippines - The lawyer wife of actor George Clooney has asked the United Nations Human Rights Committee (UNHRC) to call on the Philippine government to issue a public apology for violating the rights of former President Gloria …
Philstar · 3/9/2015