Rolling up to the Earthships world headquarters in Taos, New Mexico is like stumbling upon an alien planet – a striking ... feeling good about living in the most energy-efficient, self-sustaining way possible, then look no further.
Triple Pundit · 6/26/2011
Halloween ... back home to his alien planet. The movie is also filmed near Halloween time. It brings us tears, laughs, excitement, adventure and wonderful visual effects that make this a definite win in the category of good Halloween movies.
Guardian LV · 10/23/2014
Their alien forms ... in the world," the massive complex of glass palaces and bubble-like domes was built as a "closed ecological system," where explorers lived as though they were on another planet and had to be self-sufficient. That dream died, but ...
Los Angeles Times · 11/16/2015
a planet has been discovered where it rains liquid glass. reports on the strange exo-planet HD 189733b, a gas giant discovered in 2005 which orbits its alien sun just 63 light years from Earth. The planet is blue in colour - and from a distance ...
Huffington Post UK · 9/2/2013
In a scene that would not be out of place in almost any movie script that takes place on an alien planet, Australia’s weather has put ... The stunning views were created as wind and rain caused the storm to dump the sand and dust it had ingested while ...
Ghost Theory · 1/11/2013
We see his birth and the ramifications of such, as well as the current rapid state of decline on his home planet Krypton ... in behemoth-like explosions of fire, metal and glass, which rain down without discretion. Essentially, we see massive destruction ...
ChicagoNow · 11/27/2013
If you’re the kind of extraterrestrial who dissolves like the witch in The Wizard Of Oz when Mel Gibson spills a glass of water on you ... Landing on a planet that is alien to you is likely to present threats that you never saw coming.
Den Of Geek · 3/10/2011
"These atmospheric waves are somewhat like the natural, resonant vibration of a wine glass ... the planet Mercury and the second largest moon in the solar system after Jupiter's Ganymede. Titan has a thick nitrogen atmosphere and experiences rain made ... · 8/16/2011
The first known alien visitor to Earth ... attendant then pulled the pen off the glass.) So this was a handmade movie about computers — especially the soothing, neurotic HAL 9000, voiced by Douglas Rain. HAL masks insolence with apologies: When …
Time · 4/18/2014
Here are two new science apps that introduce ecology concepts in an engaging and playful manner ... oil spills, methane, acid rain and more. In each level, Little Green Island presents an environmental challenge that kids can fix. For example, when ...
USA Today · ByJinny Gudmundsen · 9/1/2013