Do you remember where you were before and during the last federal shutdown in October 2013? If you were on the payroll, you may have been shaking in your financial boots. If you had just taken a government job and were due to report in October, you must ...
Federal News Radio · ByMike Causey · 5 hours ago
Washington -- Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) thinks Republican leaders are bluffing when they say they want to defund Planned Parenthood, so he is enlisting Christian pastors across the nation to help mobilize voters to force his colleagues' hands and threaten a ...
The Huffington Post · ByLaura Bassett · 8/28/2015
Planned Parenthood
An explosive confrontation brewing between the House Republican leadership and conservatives over Planned Parenthood is threatening to shut down the government for the second time in three years. And House GOP …
Politico · ByJake Sherman · 8/27/2015
Planned Parenthood
Even a government shutdown wouldn’t stop all funding for Planned Parenthood, the Congressional Research Service said in a new memo Tuesday that could complicate GOP spending plans for the rest of this year.
Fox Nation · ByStephen Dinan · 22 hours ago
However, the strike exempted people going for the Haj pilgrimage from the Kochi airport. The shutdown called by the trade unions against the central government's economic measures hit the commuters most as over 2 …
India TV · 1 day ago
trade unions
As part of his bid to woo Evangelical voters to back him for president, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz is trying to convince Christian pastors across the country to get their congregants fired up about defunding Planned Parenthood.
MTV · ByGil Kaufman · 8/26/2015
Planned Parenthood
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has been telling anyone who will listen that he's not going to allow a government shutdown on his watch. He's still saying that, and says he'll work with President Obama to …
Daily Kos · ByJoan Mccarter · 23 hours ago
Planned Parenthood
Kolkata: The shutdown called by the trade unions against the central government's economic measures today evoked partial response in West Bengal amid reports of sporadic violence. While educational institutions …
Post · 23 hours ago
West Bengal
the third such in a week after the district-wide strike over the demand for the implementation of the Kalasa-Banduri Nala project and a condolence shutdown following the killing of scholar MM Kalburgi. The cancellation of services by KSRTC and NWKRTC ...
Times of India · 3 hours ago
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Call it the Shutdown Waltz. It's a dance congressional conservatives (especially a group of House members) proudly insist on having every year by threatening to shut the government down if their demands are not met.
US News and World Report · ByPeter Roff · 8/28/2015