Our American family, this nation, has been in a dysfunctional mode since 1981 when the first full government shutdown occurred. Since then, we've had 11 additional shutdowns. Eleven times we've endured Congress withholding monies to run the government ...
Evening Sun · 12 minutes ago
In particular, President Obama mentioned that Congress might try to shut down the government again — this time, right before Christmas. For now, according to the White House website, the government is still in play …
The Inquisitr · 1 day ago
WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) — A prolonged government shutdown is probably less likely after the stunning decision by House Speaker John Boehner to quit his job. Here’s why. Boehner isn't planning to leave office …
Market Watch · ByJeffry Bartash · 9/25/2015
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Congress passed a temporary bill advancing government funding to $1.2 billion until Dec. 11. By doing this, Congress averted what would have been America’s 19th government shutdown since 1976, according to CNN.
The DePaulia · 9/29/2015
A government shutdown would force Congress to address fiscal issues before they reach unmanageable levels, a former Reagan administration official contended Wednesday. "We're on the fiscal Titanic and we're going …
CNBC · 10/1/2015
CLARKSBURG — Last week, the U.S. Congress narrowly avoided another government shutdown to follow the one that took place in 2013. However, the spending bill Congress passed only funds the government through … · 12 hours ago
The scary prospect of a federal government shutdown has been avoided, making Halloween less frightening in Washington, D.C. But in Utah, Medicaid expansion has risen from the dead, terrifying the Utah political world.
Deseret News · ByLavarr Webb andFrank Pignanelli · 21 hours ago
Medicaid expansion
On October 2 New York Governor Andrew Cuomo reiterated his call for Democrats to shut down government in order to force Republicans to support gun control. Cuomo first issued this demand on September 26 while …
Breitbart News · 1 day ago
gun control
CHARLESTON, W. Va. - A government shutdown has been delayed at least until December, but a number of budget fights remain. A temporary agreement over funds for Planned Parenthood delayed the shutdown, but …
The Center for Public Intergrity · 6 hours ago
Budget Fights
PANAMA CITY — The recent possibility of a federal government shutdown had military officials hoping for the best but preparing for the worst. And although a government shutdown was averted last week, that’s only until Dec. 11, when another deadline to ...
News Herald · 11 hours ago