Fox News anchor Greta Van Susteren, Huffington Post founder Arianna Huffington and media mogul Oprah Winfrey all made Forbes' annual "100 Most Powerful Women" list. (Getty Images photos) Fox News anchor Greta Van Susteren, Huffington Post …
Washington Examiner · 11 hours ago
This copy may not be in its final form and may be updated. GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, FOX NEWS HOST: Pamela Smart going ON THE RECORD for the first time. Her interview from behind the walls of a maximum …
FOX News · 1 day ago
Pamela Smart
A few weeks ago, everyone on cable news was arguing about the use of the word “thug” in reference to violence Baltimore protesters, with many arguing it’s a racially-loaded term. Well, Fox’s Greta Van Susteren
Mediaite · ByJosh Feldman · 5/19/2015
Here’s a question you never thought to ask – is a baby Asian elephant’s skin soft and smooth? Lucky for you, Greta van Susteren is willing to ask the “tough” questions. Meet Ann Bissell, a volunteer at the …
FOX News · 9 hours ago
Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) spoke to Greta Van Susteren tonight in a wide-ranging interview about ISIS taking over Ramadi and his June 1 announcement on plans to run for the White House. In his Talking Points …
Fox News · 7 hours ago
GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, HOST: Who doesn't know this man, the King of Blues, B.B. King? But now you will really get to know him. He is 82 years old and has been performing for more than 50 years, with 15 Grammys under his belt. And tonight you will …
Fox Nation · 5/15/2015
Fox News host Greta Van Susteren on Monday lashed out at the “word police” who say it’s racist to call violent and destructive protesters “thugs.” “Some said that using the term ‘thug’ to describe the …
The Blaze · ByBilly Hallowell · 5/19/2015
Fox’s Greta Van Susteren set up Republican guest John Sununu to blame President Obama for the spread of ISIS. Then she helped validate his ridiculous answer. Last night, Van Susteren hosted Sununu for a discussion that purported to “ask” whether …
News Hounds · 5/21/2015
President Obama
Other famous women who made the list include Vogue Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour (#28), Huffington Post Editor-in-Chief Arianna Huffington (#61) and Fox News Channel anchor Greta Van Susteren (#99). Singer Lady …
Abilene Reporter-News · 3 hours ago
Stanley McChrystal says. "ISIS demonstrated the ability to rally a larger force and do it very rapidly," McChrystal said Tuesday on Fox News Channel's "On the Record with Greta Van Susteren." "We have a much more fundamental challenge of rebuilding …
News Max · 1 hour ago
greta van susteren
Greta Van Susteren (born June 11, 1954) is an American commentator and television personality on the Fox News …
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