TEL AVIV – Hamas is in the process of building a sophisticated network of tunnels beneath the Gaza Strip, according to multiple sources with knowledge of the issue speaking to Breitbart Jerusalem. The tunnel
Breitbart News · 1 day ago
Egyptian intelligence services indicate there are an estimated 17 iron tunnels from Gaza to Sinai, and they are meant for "resistance" - namely for Hamas and other terrorist organizations to attack the Egyptian buffer zone …
Arutz Sheva · 11/27/2015
attack tunnel
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Al-Arabiya, Saudi Arabia, Originally Posted in Arabic on November 22 Palestinian sources revealed this week that some 30% of the electricity provided to the Gaza Strip is consumed by Hamas, mainly to support its …
The Media Line · 11/26/2015
Gaza Strip
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They push him down a hill before taking him through a makeshift tunnel. Senior Hamas official Al-Bardawil: Jews kill Palestinian children to knead their blood into Matzos - In a November 26, interview on the Hamas · 16 hours ago
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One, the much-heralded success of the Iron Dome missile defense system has all but neutralized Hamas’ rocket threat. Two, and far more troubling for Israelis, they have woken up to the true extent of the subterranean threat from Gaza: the tunnels that ...
Jewish Telegraphic Agency · 7/22/2014
Share via Twitter: Tunnel vision: Why Hamas’ tunnels are the new front in the war with Israel Share via Facebook: Tunnel vision: Why Hamas’ tunnels are the new front in the war with Israel Share via Google+: Tunnel vision: Why Hamas’ tunnels are the ...
Arizona Jewish Post · 11/23/2015
Having himself been in one of the Hamas terror tunnels, Dershowitz explains why Israel had no choice but to send in ground troops to protect its civilians against Hamas death squads. Dershowitz wrote this book to warn the world that unless Hamas's …
Gatestone Institute · 9/12/2014
Israeli forces estimated that Hamas had dumped $10 million and 800 tons of concrete into the two-year project. Such “terror tunnels,” the Israeli military said in a statement Friday, are “complex and advanced.” And their use, Israel said ...
Washington Post · 7/21/2014
Southern Israel (CNN)Israeli soldiers were stunned when they found the Hamas tunnel leading from Gaza toward an Israeli kibbutz. They knew that Palestinian militants had been digging tunnels for years, but they didn't expect anything so elaborate.
CNN · 7/22/2015
Critics who think Israel is taking a heavy-handed approach in destroying Hamas terror tunnels should see what Egypt has in mind. Facing the same type of underground routes out of Gaza that allowed terrorists to mount attacks on Israel, Egypt is …
FOX News · ByPaul Alster · 11/20/2014