Hamas has built a new fortified tunnel that reaches into Israeli territory, according to members of the terror group who spoke to an Iranian TV channel Sunday. The attack tunnel is said to be 3.5 kilometers long and will …
The Times of Israel · 1 day ago
Hamas told Iranian television Sunday that it has a new terror tunnel which it claims reaches into Israel. According to group members who spoke to the al-Alam Arabic-language TV station, the tunnel is 3.5 kilometers … · 1 day ago
Terror Tunnel
As ordinary Gazans still struggle to rebuild following the 2014 summer war between Israel and Hamas, the Palestinian terrorist group has dedicated tons of supplies to refortify and rebuild tunnels that are used primarily …
Breitbart News · 6/29/2015
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Hamas published a video on Sunday from inside a terror tunnel leading from Gaza to the Israeli border. A series of terror tunnels dug by Hamas operatives intended to be used to break into Israeli territory undetected to …
The Jerusalem Post · 6/28/2015
JERUSALEM (JTA) – Hamas claims to have built a new terror tunnel to be used in the next conflict against Israel. A video of the tunnel was screened last Sunday on Iranian television, according to reports. A masked …
Jewish Ledger · 1 day ago
Egyptian authorities have in the past accused Hamas of backing jihadists who have carried out deadly attacks on security forces in the Sinai Peninsula. The Egyptian army says it has destroyed hundreds of tunnels used …
Yahoo News · 8 hours ago
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Hamas’s armed wing has ties to ISIS ... Shourouk newspaper quoted an unidentified source claiming that fighters infiltrated from Gaza through tunnels to Sinai to participate in the terrorist attacks on Wednesday. The …
The Australian Jewish News · 1 hour ago
A disturbing development in Hamas tunnel building may indicate that war is more imminent than previously supposed. On Sunday, Al-Aqsa Brigades, the military wing of Fatah, produced a video on Iranian television …
JP Updates · 6/29/2015
iron and other materials that could be employed by Hamas to rebuild secret tunnels that were used to attack Israel. So slow has the influx of goods been that the United Nations last week said it could take 30 years to rebuild the damage. Last month ...
Firstpost · 2 hours ago
An intrepid group of students may have found a solution in tackling the threat of Hamas terror tunnels that was unveiled with deadly effect during last summer's war, and which the terrorist organization is busily rebuilding.
Arutz Sheva · 6/22/2015
Terror Tunnels
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