There are only 28 of them in the world and 13 are in Calgary this weekend ready for a test ride. Harley-Davidson, long known for rumbling motorcycles and an air of machismo, is touring the world showing off its new electric
CBC · 7/24/2015
Harley Davidson
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The field won’t be empty for long. Harley-Davidson has been teasing riders with its own electric bike; it recently allowed some people to take it for a spin during a cross-country publicity tour dubbed Project LiveWire.
Bloomberg · 1 day ago
Electric Motorcycle Race
Harley-Davidson had already entered the territory last year with ... Victory answered this question Wednesday with the release of the 2016 Victory Empulse TT – the first all-electric motorcycle offered from the …
Ultimate MotorCycling · 2 hours ago
Empulse TT
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As car companies work on offering more electric options on their fleets, a familiar name is bringing EV technology to motorcycles. Harley-Davidson has unveiled Project LiveWire, a new electric motorcycle prototype. The …
Techvibes · 20 hours ago
Electric Motorcycle
Harley-Davidson got lots of play out of releasing its LiveWire ... Some leveled the same criticism at Victory earlier this year when it entered a one-off electric race bike in the Isle of Man TT Zero, but it turns out this …
Motorcyclist · 14 hours ago
Empulse TT
Harley-Davidson embodies the spirit of American Reinvention with Project LiveWire – the first electric Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Making an appearance in Sturgis, Project LiveWire brings innovation to the street to get feedback from customers on what ...
Rapid City Journal · 19 hours ago
WATCH ABOVE: A local Harley-Davidson dealership is giving Calgarians a chance to take new electric bikes for a test ride this weekend. Gil Tucker has the details. CALGARY – A local Harley-Davidson dealership is giving Calgarians a chance to take a …
Global News · 7/24/2015
The latest all-electric motorbike is the Victory Empulse TT. Closely resembling a regular bike from the likes of Yamaha and Suzuki ... Victory's usual line-up of large cruisers aimed at the Harley Davidson end of the …
International Business Times · 5 hours ago
While Harley's release will likely come behind Zero Motorcyles and Polaris Industries electric bike models, as with anything Harley-Davidson produces, it is critical to management to produce a higher quality compared to competitors. I continue to expect ...
Seeking Alpha · 4 hours ago
Harley Davidson
The Harley-Davidson Project Livewire electric motorcycle concept has been blazing across the country, with demonstration rides offered to owners and fans on no fewer than 40 concept bikes. Now we've ridden it, and we can weigh in: The Livewire motorcycle ...
Green Car Reports · 7/24/2014