But Republican presidential hopefuls risk antagonizing crucial independents and underscoring their party's reputation for negativism by making Obamacare repeal a centerpiece of their 2016 effort to regain the White House and, if successful, their next ...
Anderson Independent-Mail · 2 hours ago
Publishers Clearing House Tuesday night received millions of dollars in tax ... JetBlue to end free checked baggage deal 2,000 LI companies must provide Obamacare Village ends 5-year ban on food franchises LI …
Newsday · ByJames T. Madore · 2 hours ago
tax breaks
For years, House leaders blocked the bill fearing the mandate would hurt small businesses. Some Republican leaders also had a particularly difficult time reaching a decision as strong anti-Obamacare sentiments in the …
Atlanta Journal Constitution · 21 minutes ago
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where the House and Senate have falsely certified themselves as small businesses so they can fund themselves and their staffs with taxpayer-funded health insurance—sidestepping ObamaCare provisions in the process.
Front Page · 13 hours ago
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Greg Sargent warns Democrats not to get complacent about Obamacare: House Republicans are still forging ahead with a separate lawsuit against Obama over the law (though it may not be resolved for years) …
Mother Jones · ByKevin Drum · 6/26/2015
Imagine if Republicans came into power in 2017 with control of both chambers of Congress and the White House, and then turned to their base and said, “Sorry, we can’t repeal Obamacare after all, because some …
Salon · 5 hours ago
Then, the U.S. House and Senate embraced the framework of Romneycare and ... but it's as ethereal as individual health insurance plans for people with pre-existing conditions before Obamacare. The GOP's tactic of …
In These Times · 20 hours ago
President Barack Obama said it was “a good thing” to have the White House adorned in rainbow colors Friday evening ... week — from the Supreme Court also upholding key parts of Obamacare and a trade package …
The Blaze · 1 day ago
White House
The president has gained an edge in PPACA politics, she says. "There's going to be a lot of chest thumping from Republicans. House Republicans are going to hold more hearings. Barack Obama is not signing off on …
HealthLeaders Media · 1 hour ago
Among them is a case of his own that's pending before a federal appeals court in Washington alleging that Congress violated the Constitution's Origination Clause by kicking off a tax bill in the Senate instead of the …
USA Today · 6/26/2015
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