Mayor Rob Ford, arm centimetres from the table, recovered in trademark style to beat Hulk Hogan at arm-wrestling. The “friendly competition” happened in front of a wall of reporters and TV cameras in a downtown hotel Friday to publicize Hogan’s ...
Metro News · 8/24/2013
Toronto mayor Rob Ford took down Hulk Hogan and his 24-inch pythons at Fan Expo. Unfortunately, the Hulkster kept his cool and no steel chairs were involved. It looks like Hulk didn’t adequately Hulk up beforehand.
USA Today Sports For The Win · 8/24/2013
Toronto's mayor Rob Ford has won an arm-wrestling contest against former wrestling star Hulk Hogan. The 14-time world wrestling champion, in a T-shirt and his trademark bandana, entered the room to applause and his old wrestling theme music, while Mr …
Sky News HD · 8/24/2013
Ford Nation ran wild on Hulkamania Friday in downtown Toronto. Mayor Rob Ford walked away with an arm wrestling victory against Hulk Hogan at Fan Expo Canada. The come from behind win in the “friendly” match that lasted less than a minute gave …
Tillsonburg News · 8/23/2013
The video has not been released publicly. Toronto City Mayor Rob Ford, left, celebrates after defeating wrestler Hulk Hogan in an arm-wrestling match to promote Fan Expo in Toronto on Friday, Aug. 23, 2013 . (AP Photo/The Canadian Press, Chris Young ...
YAHOO!TECH · 8/23/2013
Related reminder: Doug Ford is a democratically ... Plummer’s video features Ford Fest and the mayor’s arm-wrestling match with Hulk Hogan. The important stuff! 2:39: Doug: “The media can’t comprehend a positive video [of Rob Ford].”
Torontoist · 9/16/2013
Hulk Hogan is seeking $100 million in damages ... “Video evidence is important and compelling,” Dietrick said. “Take the Rob Ford case. John Cook saw the video and wrote about it, then Ford denied. Once the video surfaced, it couldn’t be denied.”
Above The Law · ByDavid Lat · 7/1/2015