An I-80 sinkhole has opened up in California on Friday, causing huge disruption to traffic in the region. The 3 foot wide sinkhole had opened up in the middle of the interstate in Truckee, California, meaning the disruption was maximized for commuters.
The Christian Post · 8/24/2013
The I-80 sinkhole near Truckee, California has been filled and all lanes are now open. The interstate was shut down this morning after a sinkhole was discovered near Donner Pass Road. Both east and westbound lanes were initially shut down as construction ...
The Inquisitr · ByDan Evon · 8/24/2013
An I-80 sinkhole was just thought to be a “shallow depression” earlier this summer 2013, but soon escalated to a very real sinkhole that continued growing and came dangerously close to obstructing a Tenn. highway. The widening sinkhole near Interstate ...
Examiner · 8/24/2013
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A 3-foot wide sinkhole has opened in the middle of the interstate in Truckee, California today, causing huge disruptions to traffic as workers hurry to repair it. The hole opened early this morning in a construction zone and is about eight feet deep.
WebProNews · ByAmanda Crum · 8/23/2013
CalTrans says all westbound lanes are now open after a sinkhole opened up on I-80 near Donner Pass Road in Truckee Friday morning. The #1 eastbound lane will remain closed until repairs are complete. It's expected to open around 6pm Friday. California ...
KTVN-TV · 8/23/2013
(Photo : YouTube) A sinkhole that opened three years ago on Interstate 24 in Tennessee is shown on a YouTube video. Traffic on both sides in the Interstate 80 was disrupted as a sinkhole suddenly appeared early Tuesday morning. The eastbound and the ...
Jobs Hire · 8/24/2013
A sinkhole opened up early Friday morning along Interstate 80, shutting down a lane in each direction near Donner Pass Road. The CHP says drivers are to expect delays for at least 10 hours, as both number one lanes are closed. The westbound lane …
FOX 40 · ByIan Mcdonald · 8/23/2013
Th 8-foot-deep sinkhole opened around Donner Pass Road during a paving operation early Friday morning. According to The Department of Transportation, east- and westbound lanes on I-80 will be delayed during the shutdown. The closure could affect …
United Press International · 8/23/2013
Crews are working on a sinkhole that is 16 feet deep and 8 feet wide that appeared on I-80 near the Wyoming border on Wednesday when a pipe below the road caved in. ECHO, Summit County — Crews are working on a 16-foot-deep, 8-foot-wide sinkhole
Deseret News · ByAlex Cabrero · 5/17/2013
UPDATE - 10:34AM - California Highway Patrol says I-80 has one lane open in each direction ... ( & KRNV) – This just into the newsroom, a sinkhole near Interstate 80 on Donner Pass Road causes some lane closures in Truckee.
News 4 · 8/23/2013