On Tuesday, the Pentagon said two Iranian warships were escorting the vessel and last week, the deputy chief of Iran’s armed forces Brig Gen Massoud Jazayeri warned that any attack on the ship would spark a …
Midnimo · 17 hours ago
The vessel had been escorted by Iranian warships. Saudi-led forces have enforced inspections on vessels entering Yemeni ports to prevent arms from reaching the Houthis. Asseri said the coalition had given the ship a …
Reuters · BySami Aboudi · 5 hours ago
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The Iran Shahed had been escorted by Iranian warships, and Saudi-led forces have enforced inspections on vessels entering Yemeni ports to prevent arms supplies from reaching the Houthis. Saudi Arabia and its Sunni Muslim allies believe the Houthis are a ...
The Indian Express · 6 hours ago
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Washington (CNN)The U.S. said Tuesday that deploying warships to Yemen to monitor nearby Iranian vessels has given America "options" for how it could react to Iran's behavior in the region. READ: Rubio, Kirk: No nuclear deal unless Iran releases reporter ...
CNN · 4/22/2015
An Iranian aid ship headed toward Yemen and flanked by two warships will stop at Djibouti for international inspection, diminishing the risk of a showdown with the Saudi-led military coalition blockading Yemeni ports. The vessel will be inspected by the ...
Bloomberg · ByLadane Nasseri · 1 day ago
Washington • U.S. and allied officials are debating how they should handle an Iranian cargo ship that is flanked by two warships and heading toward a Yemen port, reportedly carrying humanitarian supplies for the war-wracked nation. The mission sets up a ...
Salt Lake Tribune · 5/20/2015
Now, during the ceasefire, Iran is Iran will attempt the resupply by sea and as Reuters reports, “Iranian warships will escort the vessel.” Iran is warning other nations not to interfere. "The 34th fleet, which is currently in the Gulf of Aden ...
Weekly Standard · ByGeoffrey Norman · 5/13/2015
Iran has so far refrained from deploying warships to accompany a cargo ship that Tehran says is carrying humanitarian aid to Yemen, despite its announced plans to do so, Pentagon spokesman Colonel Steve Warren told a news briefing on Thursday.
Marine Link · 5/14/2015
Steve Warren told reporters. Two Iranian warships are now escorting an Iranian cargo vessel en route to Yemen, the Pentagon confirmed on Tuesday. The convoy is traveling southwest through the Gulf of Aden and is …
Talk Radio News Service · 5/19/2015
intention of the three forein warships is not clear yet. The ship which was sent by the Iranian Red Crescent Society to Yemen on May 13, loaded with pharmaceuticals and medical equipment, will then head towards Yemen's al-Hudayda port after being … · 13 hours ago
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