An Israeli national from the North is reportedly en route to Syria in hopes of joining the Islamic State terrorist organization. According to officials in the northern town which was unnamed, the Israeli citizen in question is …
The Jerusalem Post · 1 hour ago
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Israeli fighter jets hit Syria on Friday in another retaliatory strike for what Israel said was a deliberate, Iranian-orchestrated rocket attack on its northern territory. The Israeli military said its aircraft struck a car carrying …
Wall Street Journal · 8/21/2015
It appears that Iran soon will put the Brooklyn Bridge on sale. The regime’s Fars News Agency, whose previous journalistic scoops include Iran’s having found a cure for cancer, has reported that Syrian war planes …
Jewish Press · 2 hours ago
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As U.S. officials head to Israel to try to calm fears surrounding the Iran nuclear deal, some analysts say Israel is preparing for what may be greater involvement in the war in neighboring Syria. But it’s not just the Iran deal …
Voice of America · 8/28/2015
Syria War
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Israeli soldiers patrol next to smoke from a fire caused by a rocket attack in northern Israel, near the Lebanese border Thursday Rockets that struck a northern Israeli village near the Lebanese border on Thursday …
New York Daily News · 8/21/2015
An Arab Israeli woman in her forties from the Galilee has gone missing and relatives suspect she may have gone to Syria to join the Islamic State. According to a Saturday report in the Israeli Arabic language …
The Times of Israel · 12 hours ago
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JERUSALEM/BEIRUT, Aug 20 (Reuters) - Rockets hit an Israeli village near the Lebanese border on Thursday and Israel struck back in the Syrian Golan Heights, saying the rare salvo had been launched there by an …
The Huffington Post · 8/21/2015
Israel says Iran was behind rocket attacks into its territory from Syria last week, raising new questions about Tehran’s regional aggression in the wake of last month’s nuclear agreement. Following the rocket attacks …
Politico · 8/25/2015
DAMASCUS, Syria (AP) — Israeli airstrikes in southern Syria killed six people and wounded seven, Syrian state TV reported Friday, in retaliation for a rocket attack on Israel the previous day that Israeli officials blamed on militants backed by Iran.
San Francisco Gate · 8/23/2015
For example, it is widely believed that the Syrian nuclear reactor that was reportedly destroyed by Israel in September 2007 was being built with North Korean assistance. So in just about every hotspot in the Middle … · 11 hours ago
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