Jay-Z was impressed with the bold strategy and bought 100 copies of his own. Hussle’s career skyrocketed and he continues to flourish as one of the West Coast’s best rappers out at present. Nipsey has been … · 6/28/2015
Nipsey Hussle
In an interview with HOT 97, he mentioned that he aimed to get Jay Z, Nas, and Nipsey Hussle on DWMTM as well. Nas would’ve been on the song “Stand Up” but he sent in his verse too late. As soon as you tap … · 7 hours ago
Jay Z apparently had no issues with Nipsey Hussle selling his latest CD for $100. The hip-hop mogul spent $10,000 for 100 copies of Crenshaw. Nipsey Hussle made headlines last week for selling his album for $100 at a pop-up shop in Los Angeles and at … · 10/11/2013
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Nipsey Hussle piqued interest (and attracted some buyers) when he announced he was selling copies of his ‘Crenshaw’ album for $100. Although it was available for free around the web, the West Coast rapper Hussle was still able to make $100,000 in a …
The BoomBox · 10/9/2013
Would you ever buy an album for $100? It’s a little expensive, huh? Well, just ask Jay-Z and he’ll give you a good reason on why you should buy one for that price! Nipsey Hussle sure made a fortune this past week! The 28-year-old rapper came out with ...
Popstop TV · 10/14/2013
When Jay Z saw Nipsey Hussle’s new mixtape Crenshaw up for sale for $100 he must have thought to himself: “What a deal!” Hova bought 100 copies of the album for $10,000. Nipsey told MTV that RocNation sent him an email saying that Jay Z
The Inquisitr · ByDan Evon · 10/10/2013
The old saying goes that game recognizes game and when Jay Z rapped that he can’t knock the hustle he really meant it! Rapper Nipsey Hussle raised some eyebrows when he announced that he’d be selling his latest mixtape, “Crenshaw,” for $100.
The Urban Daily · 10/10/2013
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All HipHop · 10/9/2013
West Coast rapper Nipsey Hussle decided to make his own rules by selling his new “Crenshaw” project for a good chunk of change. Nipsey has now explained how Jay Z joined the movement by spending $10,000 on the project. Nipsey has reportedly …
Rap Basement · 10/10/2013
Who knew Jay Z was a fan of rapper, Nipsey Hussle? We certainly didn’t, but on Tuesday Hov purchased 100 copies of Nipsey’s new mix tape, Crenshaw … which wouldn’t be that big of a deal if the albums weren’t going for $100 a pop. The Los …
Hip Hollywood · 10/9/2013
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