When Jay Z saw Nipsey Hussle’s new mixtape Crenshaw up for sale for $100 he must have thought to himself: “What a deal!” Hova bought 100 copies of the album for $10,000. Nipsey told MTV that RocNation sent him an email saying that Jay Z
The Inquisitr · ByDan Evon · 10/10/2013
Nipsey Hussle confirmed today that Jay Z had indeed purchased 100 copies of his new mixtape, priced at $100 a pop. That’s a total credit card bill of $10,000 on the mixtape. Nipsey announced that he would be producing just 1000 copies of the expensive … · 10/11/2013
Nipsey Hussle explains how Jay Z purchased $10,000 worth of his new mixtape, "Crenshaw." Nipsey Hussle recently spoke about having Jay Z's support for his "Crenshaw" release, a project that was sold for $100 per copy. Jay purchased 100 copies …
HipHopDX · 10/10/2013
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The old saying goes that game recognizes game and when Jay Z rapped that he can’t knock the hustle he really meant it! Rapper Nipsey Hussle raised some eyebrows when he announced that he’d be selling his latest mixtape, “Crenshaw,” for $100.
The Urban Daily · 10/10/2013
Nipsey Hussle piqued interest (and attracted some buyers) when he announced he was selling copies of his ‘Crenshaw’ album for $100. Although it was available for free around the web, the West Coast rapper Hussle was still able to make $100,000 in a …
The BoomBox · 10/9/2013
West Coast rapper Nipsey Hussle decided to make his own rules by selling his new “Crenshaw” project for a good chunk of change. Nipsey has now explained how Jay Z joined the movement by spending $10,000 on the project. Nipsey has reportedly …
Rap Basement · 10/10/2013
but Nipsey Hussle got the last laugh after successfully peddling 1000 units of Crenshaw less than 24 hours after its release. Earlier today, the Los Angeles native posted a photo on his Facebook page thanking Jay Z for purchasing 100 copies.
Hip-Hop Wired · ByChris Thomas · 10/9/2013
“y’all don’t know all the sh*t I do for the homies”-Jay Z on “Nickels and Dimes” (AllHipHop News) Jay Z is not one to knock the hustle of another and yesterday (October 8th) he put his money where his hustle appreciation is as he purchased 100 ...
All HipHop · 10/9/2013
Nipsey Hussle has been making a lot of noise with the release strategy for his new mixtape, Crenshaw, by printing 1000 copies that include an autograph and a concert ticket for $100 each. For every detractor online, there was a fan lining up to buy a copy ...
Vibe · 10/10/2013
Nipsey Hussle wanted to make a point by pressing only 1,000 hard copies of his new album, "Crenshaw," selling those for $100 and giving the digital version away for free. He said he wanted to stick it to music labels for turning artists into conformists ...
United Press International · 10/10/2013