Yesterday Nipsey Hussle released his new mixtape Crenshaw and gave fans the option to download it for free or purchase a hardcopy for $100 online or at a pop-up shop in Los Angeles as part of his "Proud2Pay" initiative. His fans clearly came out in big ...
Complex · 10/9/2013
When Jay Z saw Nipsey Hussle’s new mixtape Crenshaw up for sale for $100 he must have thought to himself: “What a deal!” Hova bought 100 copies of the album for $10,000. Nipsey told MTV that RocNation sent him an email saying that Jay Z
The Inquisitr · ByDan Evon · 10/10/2013
Nipsey Hussle confirmed today that Jay Z had indeed purchased 100 copies of his new mixtape, priced at $100 a pop. That’s a total credit card bill of $10,000 on the mixtape. Nipsey announced that he would be producing just 1000 copies of the expensive … · 10/11/2013
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Nipsey Hussle recently spoke about having Jay Z's support for his "Crenshaw" release, a project that was sold for $100 per copy. Jay purchased 100 copies, according to Hussle. "I got a DM on Twitter from a respected Hip Hop journalist and he was just like ...
HipHopDX · 10/10/2013
The old saying goes that game recognizes game and when Jay Z rapped that he can’t knock the hustle he really meant it! Rapper Nipsey Hussle raised some eyebrows when he announced that he’d be selling his latest mixtape, “Crenshaw,” for $100.
The Urban Daily · 10/10/2013
Nipsey Hussle piqued interest (and attracted ... the West Coast rapper Hussle was still able to make $100,000 in a day from ‘Crenshaw’ sales. $10,000 of that profit came from Jay Z. The ‘Face the World’ rhymer tweeted that Jay bought 100 copies ...
The BoomBox · 10/9/2013
West Coast rapper Nipsey Hussle decided to make his own rules by selling his new “Crenshaw” project for a good chunk of change. Nipsey has now explained how Jay Z joined the movement by spending $10,000 on the project. Nipsey has reportedly …
Rap Basement · 10/10/2013
but Nipsey Hussle got the last laugh after successfully peddling 1000 units of Crenshaw less than 24 hours after its release. Earlier today, the Los Angeles native posted a photo on his Facebook page thanking Jay Z for purchasing 100 copies.
Hip-Hop Wired · ByChris Thomas · 10/9/2013
Rapper Nipsey Hussle was arrested in Los Angeles on Friday night (Aug. 29) prior to his scheduled appearance at this year’s Budweiser Made in America concert. L.A. Mayor Defends Plans for Jay Z's Made in America Hussle was taken in after a raid of a ...
Billboard · 8/30/2014
Nipsey Hussle wanted to make a point by pressing only 1,000 hard copies of his new album, "Crenshaw," selling those for $100 and giving the digital version away for free. He said he wanted to stick it to music labels for turning artists into conformists ...
United Press International · 10/10/2013