That’s the question Nipsey Hussle is asking. The Los Angeles rapper has put his ... The run sold out – even Jay Z chipped in, buying 100 copies of his own. It was a massive vote of confidence for Hussle, and put the spotlight on him as a musician ... · 1/20/2015
Nipsey Hussle isn’t asking his fans to do something that he wouldn ... he has a short list of MCs that would prompt him to dig deeper into his pockets. “Jay Z, I’ll definitely spend $100 on a Jay album,” he said of Hov, who actually dropped ...
MTV · ByRob Markman · 10/10/2013
Nipsey Hussle has drummed up publicity in merely launching “the world’s first $100 album.” The L.A. rapper set up a pop-up shop in L.A. where his mixtape, Crenshaw, was sold along with a line of related clothing to his fans. While many questioned … · 10/10/2013
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Nipsey Hussle has drummed up publicity in merely launching “the ... While many questioned who would in fact buy a mixtape for $100, it turns out the answer is: Jay Z. Hova took to his website, Life+Times, to post a photo of his 100 copies of Crenshaw.
V-103 · 10/10/2013
Late last week, rapper Nipsey Hussle shared a unique sales model for his new mixtape Crenshaw. For those who don't remember, Nipsey's hustle was the sale of his new CD for $100 a pop. A bit surprisingly, then, when Nipsey released the mixtape …
Exclaim · 10/9/2013
Last year, Nipsey Hussle made headlines when he decided to sell his Crenshaw ... with his goal of one thousand albums sold being reached (Jay Z helped, a bit, buying 100 copies). Now, the rapper is upping things. The L.A.-emcee just announced that ...
Global Grind · ByDimas Sanfiorenzo · 12/30/2014
Today In Hip-Hop: Eric B. & Rakim Releases ‘Let The Rhythm Hit ‘Em’ On this day, May 22, in hip-hop history… 1990: On May 22, 1990,... A Brief History of 50 Cent Using Auto-Tune Related: Listen to 50 Cent Feat. Jeremih, 2 Chainz and T.I., “Get ...
XXL Magazine · 12/4/2014
and already Nipsey Hussle --born Ermias Asghedom-- appears to have broken through the barrier of a slumping career. Largely due to his sheer perseverance and business acumen, Nipsey has rejuvenated his existence as a rapper. Now, Jay Z's buying his …
Orange County Weekly · ByPatrick Montes · 12/20/2013
Los Angeles rapper Nipsey Hussle has been buzzing around the underground ... but his fans didn’t care: Hussle reportedly sold all 1,000 copies in less than 24 hours (even Jay Z reportedly bought a hundred). Although Hussle never asked the crowd at ...
Washington Post · 1/26/2014
Yesterday Nipsey Hussle released his new mixtape Crenshaw and gave fans ... One of his biggest supporters happened to be Jay Z who purchased 100 copies of Crenshaw. The picture above was posted on Jay's Life+Times website and came with the …
Complex · 10/9/2013
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