The NFL has suspended San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Jerome Simpson for six games. The punishment stems back to a 2014 DUI incident where the Simpson was sited for driving with an open container and …
Yardbarker · 8/18/2015
Jerome Simpson
As expected, Jerome Simpson won't be suiting up at the start of the season ... three games last season following a Nov. 2013 arrest in which he pleaded guilty to DUI charges. He was also suspended the first three …
Sporting News · 8/18/2015
Jerome Simpson
SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 19 (UPI) --In another deletion from the once prominent San Francisco 49ers, wide receiver Jerome Simpson ... November 2013 DUI. Since being drafted in the second round of the 2008 NFL Draft …
United Press International · 8/19/2015
Jerome Simpson
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For the 49ers, a possible suspension of receiver Jerome Simpson was background buzz all summer ... last season before finally cutting Smith two weeks ago after a third DUI arrest. Simpson is also a multiple offender.
San Jose Mercury News Blogs · ByMark Purdy · 8/19/2015
Wide receiver Jerome Simpson was handed a six-game suspension from the ... Simpson again ran afoul with the law in 2013 after being stopped on suspicion of a DUI. Simpson’s latest trouble came in July of last …
SFBay · 8/18/2015
For that offense, he was also suspended for three games by the NFL. In relation to Jerome Simpson’s DUI charge, the Vikings are continuing to gather more information, and have refused to make a comment at this time.
WebProNews · 11/11/2013
Vikings wide receiver Jerome Simpson was arrested early Saturday morning and is suspected of driving while impaired in Hennepin County, Minn., just a day after an improbable Minnesota comeback win over the Washington Redskins. A search of Hennepin …
CBS Sports · 11/9/2013
During the offseason, they signed wide receiver Jerome Simpson, who has been suspended by the league three times and arrested three times since 2012. His DUI arrest in 2014 involved an open container of booze and …
San Francisco Gate · ByScott Ostler · 8/27/2015
A few hours after word came out that Jerome Simpson had been cited for misdemeanor charges of marijuana possession, driving with an open bottle and violating limited license restrictions, the Vikings took swift action against him: #Vikings release WR ...
Bleacher Report · ByTim Daniels · 8/19/2014
Jerome Simpson ... offender, Simpson will now serve his second suspension in three years. His previous ban resulted from a felony conviction for mailing two pounds of marijuana to his Kentucky home. The latest suspension stems from a DUI arrest last ...
NFL · 8/29/2014