John Edwards' campaign finance fraud trial ended today in a manner so shambolic not even your mistress' spiritual advisor could have foreseen it. After nine days of deliberations, the jury was only able to reach a verdict on one count: Edwards was found ...
Gawker · 5/31/2012
Here is a look at the life of John Edwards, former senator from North Carolina. Other Facts: Former senator from North Carolina, candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2004 and 2008, and Democratic nominee for vice president in 2004.
WSBT 22 · 5/24/2015
Here is a look at the life of John Edwards, former senator from North Carolina. Personal: Birth date: June 10, 1953 Birth place: Seneca, South Carolina Birth name: Johnny Reid Edwards Father: Wallace Edwards, a textile mill worker Mother: Catherine "Bobb ...
WPTZ 5 News Channel · 5/24/2015
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LAST YEAR JOHN Edwards sat with a longtime friend in the 10,000-square-foot house that is the centerpiece of his 102-acre Chapel Hill, N.C., estate. The friend, a New Jersey lawyer named Glenn Bergenfield, who had attended law school with Edwards
The Week Magazine · 4/20/2012
John Edwards ended his presidential hopes seven years ago. Then the former senator and vice-presidential nominee admitted fathering a child in the midst of a romantic affair. His wife left him and soon died of cancer. Federal prosecutors put him on trial ...
Delaware Online · 6/6/2015
First, let me give you the usual warning: this is a post about John Edwards. It will be safe for work, but I still urge you to wear a prophylactic over your eyes to protect you from getting some kind of icky John Edwards disease. The John Edwards trial is ...
Above The Law · ByElie Mystal · 4/25/2012
John Edwards’ legal fees for his trial were substantial ... Still, if someone in Mr. Edwards’ position had paid hush money (let’s assume not from campaign sources but from his own pocket), would it be deductible? The answer depends on the facts ...
Forbes · ByRobert W. Wood · 6/6/2012
As the disgraced former presidential candidate John Edwards prepares for trial on criminal charges of accepting nearly $1 million in illegal contributions during the 2008 Democratic race, consider what his two election-law experts are prepared to concede.
News Week · 10/30/2011
The specter of former Sen. John Edwards and his famous "Two Americas" campaign is hanging over the 2016 presidential election, according to David Swerdlick, an assistant editor at The Washington Post. Swerdlick said Sunday's Post will run an article …
News Max · 6/5/2015
As soon as the agents dropped the name “John Edwards,” I figured that no matter what this was about, I might as well let them in and be as cooperative as possible. After a few questions about my two weeks on the campaign, it became obvious to …
Salon · ByAmanda Marcotte · 6/1/2012
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