Amir Hekmati, a dual US-Iranian citizen born in Arizona, was arrested by Iranian security officials in August 2011 while on a family visit A grab taken from a video broadcasted by the official Iranian state TV on 18 …
The Guardian · 7 hours ago
Donald Trump still isn’t over the fact that John Kerry rides a bike. At a fundraiser hosted by car dealer Ernie Boch Jr. Friday, the Republican presidential frontrunner enthusiastically addressed a crowd of cheering supporters. Right as he was in the ...
Boston · 1 day ago
Donald Trump
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WASHINGTON (CNN) — Saturday marked the fourth anniversary of the imprisonment of a former U.S. Marine in Iran due to what Secretary of State John Kerry has said are false espionage charges. Amir Hekmati … · 1 hour ago
Iranian imprisonment
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The last days of the leisure class—or what John Kenneth Galbraith called in 1992 the “culture of contentment”—might well be remembered by this anecdote: Ben and Jerry’s, the Vermont ice cream maker that …
New York Observer · 8/26/2015
Ice Cream
Slamming Secretary of State John F. Kerry as “a joke,” Donald Trump whipped a crowd of supporters into a froth at a fundraiser at car czar Ernie Boch Jr.’s Norwood manse, where the fiery real estate mogul …
Boston Herald · 23 hours ago
Donald Trump
Maybe we’ve been unduly harsh with John Kerry when it comes to the Iran deal. We’ve tried to judge the agreement according to the likelihood that it will thwart Tehran’s bid to get nuclear weapons. The Secretary …
Wall Street Journal · 8/27/2015
On Tuesday morning, over 100 protesters gathered front of Secretary of State John Kerry’s Georgetown home, urging him to stop a pipeline that would carry thousands of barrels of tar sands from Canada into the …
Think Progress · 8/27/2015
Recipients of Iran’s largess for their campaigns include President Obama, Joe Biden, John Kerry, and Hillary Clinton. Both of Obama’s secretaries of state were involved in Iran Lobby cash controversies, as was his vice president and his former ...
American Thinker · ByKarin Mcquillan · 8/27/2015
Last month, the Obama administration was asked why this wasn’t part of the Iran deal, and the WH unbelievably responded that they didn’t want prisoner release tied to a deal that may or may not be reached.
Twitchy · 8/28/2015
Secretary of State John Kerry on Friday urged Iran to free Amir Hekmati, a former American Marine, from four years of "unjust detention." Saturday marks the fourth anniversary of Hekmati's imprisonment on what Kerry
Arutz Sheva · 1 day ago

John Kerry

United States Secretary of State
John Forbes Kerry is an American politician who is the 68th and current United States Secretary of State. He has served in the United State…
John Forbes Kerry is an American politician who is the 68th and current United States Secretary of State. He has served in the United States Senate, and was chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Kerry was the candidate of the Democratic Party in the 2004 presidential election, losing to George W. Bush.
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  • Phone: (202) 224-2742 (Office) · (202) 280-6869 (Campaign)
  • Born: Dec 11, 1943 (age 71) · Aurora, CO
  • Height: 6' 4" (1.93 m)
  • Spouse: Teresa Heinz (Since 1995) · Julia Thorne (1970 - 1988)
  • Office: United States Secretary of State (2013 - present)
  • Previous offices: Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee (2009 - 2013)
    · Chairman of the Senate Small Business Committee (2007 - 2009) · United States Senator MA (1985 - 2013) · United States Secretary of State (1985 - 2013) · Lieutena…
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