Rumors of a “Jurassic Park 4” are still floating through the film industry, but while that still gets settled, viewers will get the chance to revisit the timeless original film in theaters. However, this time, the experience will require those ...
Examiner · 11/8/2012
LOS ANGELES — Twenty years after dinosaurs roamed the Earth once again — on the big screen anyway — Jurassic Park has joined the billion-dollar club — thanks to the 3D re-release that brought in more than US$65 million (S$84 million) globally since ...
Today · 8/23/2013
Jurassic Park 3D,” the re-release of the 1993 science-fiction film from Steven Spielberg, debuted Tuesday in China at No. 1. The film, which brought in $6.3 million from 2,500 screens, marks the fourth-highest opening day of the year in China.
The Wall Street Journal · ByAlexandra Cheney · 8/21/2013
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PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — All you need to know about the staggering range and level of accomplishment of world-class director Steven Spielberg is that he released Jurassic Park and Schindler’s List in the same year. And although you probably don’t …
CBS Philly · 4/5/2013
After a twenty-year absence from theatres, Jurassic Park is being re-released in stunning 3D. Jurassic Park is the story of an eccentric billionaire, and his plans to open a dinosaur themed island resort. When two paleontologists, a lawyer, and a chaos ... · 4/4/2013
3-D reissue of the dinosaur-attack blockbuster. Director: Steven Spielberg (2:02). PG-13. Area theaters. Steven Spielberg is at his best with this horror story made for families. It’s famously about a team of paleontologists and scientists (Sam Neill ...
New York Daily News · 4/4/2013
Though cynics can have their say, but cinephiles revel in watching the re-release of cult films in 3D; last year, it was Titanic 3D which took the viewers down memory lane and this year, Jurassic Park 3D is all set to leave the fans spellbound. Five clips ...
Apun Ka Choice · 3/22/2013
With Jurassic Park IV currently scheduled for a June of 2014 release date, fans should be catching a spell of dinosaur fever again in the near future. But if you cannot wait that long, it’s worth reminding everyone that the original Jurassic Park is ...
Geeks of Doom · 3/13/2013
Jurassic Park is being rereleased in theaters this weekend with a new feature: it's in 3D! But is it worth another trip to the theater to see the dinosaur movie, 20 years after its original release? We break down the reasons you might want to check out the ...
Yahoo News · 6/26/2015
Steven Spielberg’s 1993 blockbuster, “Jurassic Park” finally gets a worthy sequel in the form ... Still, when projected up on a big, 3D, IMAX screen, it’s difficult to argue with the spectacle of all those marauding …
Standard Journal · 6/18/2015
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