“What Do You Mean?,” an ode to Justin Bieber’s inability to understand women, wins the Robin Thicke Award for catchy No. 1 Billboard single with undeniably rapey undertones. Meanwhile “Sorry” is the logical …
Daily Beast · 11/19/2015
Justin Bieber
While Robin Thicke and Miley Cyrus’ foam finger-assisted antics ... Healy told the Observer, “I was a w***er to Justin Bieber” at an album launch party they both went to separately. Matt claims, “I think he tried to …
The Inquisitr · 11/16/2015
Matt Healy
Katy Perry dates men up to 50 years old Justin Bieber thinks he could reconcile with Selena Gomez in the future Khloé Kardashian "got arrested and put into jail" aged 15 Robin Williams suffered from panic attacks … · 11/13/2015
Justin Bieber
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Robin Meade’s Holiday Round Robin ... 1-888-929-7849, Jingle Ball. Justin Bieber, whose career launched in Atlanta under the tutelage of Usher, will headline Power 96.1’s Jingle Ball … · ByMelissa Ruggieri · 1 day ago
Brian Setzer
And fashion critic Robin Givhan gives Donald Trump a dressing-down. And fashion critic Robin Givhan gives Donald Trump a dressing-down. Justin Bieber at the 2015 American Music Awards. Photo: Jason Merritt/Getty …
Fashionista · 11/23/2015
Justin Bieber
Then I brought it to Justin and Robin (Fredriksson) and asked them ... DK: You have a big hit now with “Sorry” for Justin Bieber. How did you and Justin Tranter hook up with Bieber? Michaels: We were in a session … · 11/16/2015
Selena Gomez
The album’s lead single shines out front like a star—the song "Robin Williams" reflects on the loss of the ... Green’s whole album represents this same idea. "Purpose" by Justin Bieber The comeback of Justin Bieber has officially been executed ...
The Daily Athenaeum · 11/16/2015
Justin Bieber
NEW YORK (AP) — Robin Williams' widow says his medical afflictions would ... from hit singles to award nominations and big performances... LOS ANGELES (AP) — Justin Bieber will no longer have to report to a probation officer after completing his ...
Cadillac News · 11/14/2015
Justin Bieber as Batman’s little chum? Bat-fans, who are already furious at the notion of Ben Affleck as their beloved Dark Knight, got another shock when pop star Bieber suggested he might join Affleck in the upcoming flick “Batman vs. Superman.”
New York Post · 9/16/2013
UPDATE: We have our answer: Justin Bieber was messing with us. Justin Bieber is maybe going to play Robin in Zack Snyder’s upcoming Batman vs. Superman movie. (The one with Ben Affleck.) But also Justin Bieber is maybe not going to play Robin
Popdust · ByNate Jones · 9/13/2013