There needs to be full disclosure that Sabrina Sato is a Brazilian comedian, who at the end of this interview gifts Justin Timberlake, 32, a mold of her butt in a box-but it's still a video that's definitely hard to ignore. The mixture of JT's reactions ...
ABC News · 9/19/2013
Brazilian reality TV contestant-turned entertainment reporter Sabrina Sato is, I guess, a pretty big fan of Justin Timberlake. Either that or giving people plastic models of her own ass presented in gift boxes. In the video clip, we see Ms. Sato present Mr ...
Jezebel · 9/20/2013
The program’s host Sabrina Sato told the ... Halfway through the interview, Sato switched from English to Portuguese because her English isn’t great — but things didn’t get any less awkward. Timberlake handled it like a pro.
Gossip Cop · 9/20/2013
Justin Timberlake was in Brazil to promote his latest flick Runner, Runner when he found himself in the hot seat during an interview with host Sabrina Sato. The television personality spoke extremely broken English but was able to make it clear how nervous ...
E Online · 9/19/2013
In this clip, which runs internet-long at 6:36, Justin Timberlake sits down with Brazilian comedian Sabrina Sato to talk about Runner, Runner. Except they never get to discuss the movie because the interview’s so full of mishaps and mayhem and samba.
Crushable · 9/20/2013
Justin Timberlake received an unusual gift during a recent junket interview: a reporter's butt. During an awkward interview with Sabrina Sato, a former Brazilian reality TV contestant turned entertainment reporter, Timberlake was given an autographed mold ...
The Huffington Post · 9/20/2013
Sabrina Sato, a Brazilian comedian posing as a reporter, pulled a fast one on Justin Timberlake at a recent “Runner Runner” interview, presenting the star with a very personal gift in a box. After a few awkward moments, including an offer to teach the ...
Extra · 9/20/2013
Hey Justin Timberlake, I, Sabrina Sato, got somethin’ real important to give you, so just sit down and listen. JT, we’ve been together in this awkward press tour interview such a long, long time, and now I’m ready to lay it on the line. Wow, ...
Uproxx · 9/19/2013
Last month, Justin Timberlake did a few interviews in Brazil to promote his new film Runner Runner, which opened this weekend, and in addition to being interviewed by Fantástico TV Globo, the actor was also interviewed by comedienne Sabrina Sato -- and ...
Star Pulse · 10/6/2013
Cultural differences and a language barrier be damned (interviewer: "You sing and dance like a black American"), Brazil's Sabrina Sato is going to make it through this interview with Justin Timberlake no matter what. Whether this entire thing is a put-on ...
Vulture · 9/19/2013
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