Katy Perry was reportedly sued by several Christian musicians for allegedly borrowing quite a few elements for a 2008 rap song. Although the singer started her career cranking out music for the faithful masses, Perry soon discovered she could make a lot ...
The Inquisitr · 7/3/2014
Pop singer Katy Perry, who once sung Christian music, faces a law suit by a group of Christian musicians for allegedly stealing their song and polluting it with what they call "black magic." Grammy-nominated rapper Flame (Marcus Gray), Chike Ojukwu ...
Ecumenical News · 6/24/2015
LOS ANGELES (AP) — Katy Perry is caught in a property dispute between a group of elderly nuns and the Los Angeles Archdiocese over who owns a hilltop convent overlooking Hollywood. The singer is named in a …
The Huffington Post · 1 day ago
Katy Perry sued for Dark Horse recently occurred as rapper called "Flame" claims his and other musicians' song "Joyful Noise" was ripped off by the 29-year-old pop singer. Before becoming a worldwide sensation, Katy was once a Christian singer herself.
Travelers Today · 7/4/2014
The outrageous songstress likes getting sexy, doesn't like casual sex. A group of Christian hip-hop musicians is suing pop singer Katy Perry and her record label in federal court in St. Louis, claiming that the hit song "Dark Horse" infringes on their ...
FOX News · 7/2/2014
Katy Perry is being sued by Christian rappers over her smash hit ‘Dark Horse,’ based on claims that she ripped off her song from their Christian gospel tune ‘Joyful Noise.’ According to TMZ, the lawsuit was filed by Christian hip-hop artist Flame ...
Popcrush · 7/3/2014
Katy Perry has become embroiled in a dispute with a group of elderly nuns and the Los Angeles Archdiocese over who owns a hilltop convent she wants to buy. The Firework singer is named in a recent lawsuit over the …
Sky News · 3 minutes ago
Katy Perry
Katy Perry sued by Christian rapper Flame Katy Perry is being sued by Christian hip-hop star Flame and three other rappers for allegedly ripping off hit song "Dark Horse." Check out this story on · 7/2/2014
Katy Perry is being sued by a Christian hip-hop star. Flame - real name Marcus T. Gray - and a three other musicians have filed a lawsuit in St. Louis, Missouri against the 29-year-old singer, accusing her of ripping off their award-winning Christian ...
Contact Music · 7/2/2014
Four Christian musicians filed a lawsuit against Katy Perry in a federal court this week, claiming her chart-topping hit "Dark Horse" ripped off their 2008 song "Joyful Noise." The complaint, obtained by Mashable from the U.S. District Court for the ...
Mashable · ByBrian Anthony Hernandez · 7/3/2014
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