Stop us if you’ve heard this before: ESPN and Keith Olbermann may be on the outs. The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that, as a condition for Olbermann’s two-year contract to be renewed, the erstwhile …
Washington Post · 7/1/2015
Keith Olbermann
ESPN and Keith Olbermann may be headed toward a tough negotiation to keep the outspoken host on the sports network. Sources tell The Hollywood Reporter that ESPN has floated a highly problematic condition for …
Hollywood Reporter · ByMarisa Guthrie · 7/1/2015
Keith Olbermann
ESPN allegedly told Keith Olbermann that if he wants to keep his sports program, Olbermann, then he must no longer engage in commentary. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the condition probably stemmed from …
Breitbart News · 7 hours ago
Keith Olbermann
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Keith Olbermann didn't hold back with his outrage directed at the NFL and commissioner Roger Goodell for their initial handling of the Ray Rice domestic violence case. But if the ESPN2 host still wants to deliver biting …
Sporting News · 7/1/2015
Keith Olbermann
Remember how ESPN’s outspoken big-ticket talent Bill Simmons was negotiating his new contract with ESPN and being pretty chatty with the press about it, and then in early May network president John Skipper …
YAHOO · 1 day ago
Keith Olbermann has always had a problem that plagues him: He never knows when to shut up. And his inability to do so may put his position at ESPN in jeopardy. According to a report in The Hollywood Reporter …
The Daily Caller · 1 day ago
Keith Olbermann
ESPN’s cost-cutting measures that have become a significant source of strife at the company in recent months are likely about to claim another high-profile victim: Keith Olbermann. Two years after President John …
The Big Lead · 7/1/2015
Keith Olbermann
Contract talks between ESPN and Keith Olbermann have almost completely broken down, a source familiar with the negotiations tells us, and the controversial host seems nearly a lock to leave the network after his …
Dead Spin · 1 day ago
Contract Talks
As a condition of extending outspoken and opinionated television host Keith Olbermann’s contract, ESPN wants him to nix providing "commentary" during his broadcast, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Citing unnamed sources with knowledge of the ...
News Max · 1 day ago
ESPN Tells Olbermann
ESPN has denied a story by the Hollywood Reporter on Wednesday that claimed the network wants host Keith Olbermann to suspend commentary from his program. “Keith has never been told any topic is off limits …
Variety · 7/1/2015
Keith Olbermann
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