NORTH Korean leader Kim Jong Un declared his frontline troops in a “quasi-state of war” and ordered them to prepare for battle a day after South Korea fired dozens of artillery rounds across the rivals’ border in response to what the South said were ... · 8/21/2015
Kim Myong-chol is the executive director of The Centre for North Korea-US Peace and an unofficial spokesman. "It depends on the situation and the reactions of South Korea and the US, but it could be a nuclear war," he said. "The choice is up to the …
Daily Star · 8/25/2015
Kim Jong-Un has reportedly ordered troops to be 'ready for war' Yesterday North Korean forces fired a shell ... the enemy does not stop the propaganda broadcast within 48 hours and prepare against the enemy's possible counteractions."
Huffington Post UK · 8/21/2015
North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un has urged his army to prepare for war with the United States and its allies, state media said Saturday, as Pyongyang ramps up the rhetoric ahead of US-South Korea military drills. Kim's comments came after South Korea …
Yahoo News · 2/28/2015
Seoul said the North fired Thursday across the Demilitarized Zone to back up an earlier threat to attack the South Korean loudspeakers. The warning message was delivered as North Korea’s shelling at South Korea’s western border is spiraling inter ... · 8/21/2015
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un waves to soldiers during a photo session. Kim Jong-Un, the leader of North Korea, has told his soldiers to prepare for an upcoming war with the United States, according to Pyongyang media. Satellites showed that the Kim ... · 4/26/2014
London, March 01 (ANI): North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, in a reference to wage a war against the United States , has told the country's army to train so they can "tear to pieces the stars and stripes". According to the Daily Express, Kim made the chilling ...
ANI NEWS · 8/29/2015
Kim’s comments came after South Korea and the US yesterday conducted a joint naval drill involving 10 South Korean warships and a US Aegis destroyer, ahead of the launch of large-scale military exercises that have enraged the North. “The prevailing ... · 2/28/2015