North Korea's military are under orders to be "fully ready" for war, according to a South Korean news agency. Kim Jong-Un declared a "quasi-state of ... the propaganda broadcast within 48 hours and prepare against the enemy's possible counteractions."
Sky News HD · 8/21/2015
America faces no shortage of challenges as Iowans prepare to cast the ... unstable Kim Jong-un of North Korea menaces; Israel worries; and Europe wrestles with a refugee crisis unrivaled since World War II.
Sioux City Journal · 1/24/2016
<p>North Korea leader Kim Jong Un tells troops to prepare for battle after fire exchanges with South Korea.</p>
Huffpost Live · 1/17/2016
North Korea’s nuclear test isn’t the game changer that the country’s dictator Kim Jong-un claims it to be ... The Secret History of Cyber War, due out in March. But that doesn’t mean the test is nothing to worry about. Given that we’re talking ...
Slate · 1/6/2016
An activist in South Korean has sent more than 80,000 copies of the slapstick comedy about the assassination of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un to the hermit kingdom ... considered its release an “act of war” and even President Barack Obama …
Think Progress · 4/8/2015
North Korea's army was deeply split over whether to accept the command of Kim Jong-un, a former officer has revealed ... "We were digging fortifications to prepare for war," he said. "Some of the projects would last for six years." Mr Bermudez said ...
The Business Insider · 4/9/2013
North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un says his country is readying troops for battle with South Korea, claiming they're in a state of “quasi-war.” South Korea has been ... broadcast within 48 hours and prepare against the enemy’s possible counteractions. · 8/21/2015
When Dennis Rodman visits dictator Kim Jong Un in North Korea next week ... Rodman is returning to the country to prepare for a series of exhibition basketball games, culminating in a showdown against the North Korean national team to mark Kim's …
NBC News · 12/10/2013
“North Korean leader Kim Jong Un on Friday declared his front-line troops in a ‘quasi-state of war’ and ordered them to prepare for battle against South Korea in response to an exchange of artillery fire on the border Thursday,” the AP report
Breitbart News · 8/21/2015
Kim Jong-un, could do something ill-advised, even start a war. On Friday North Korea renewed what the U.S. has condemned as its “bellicose rhetoric,” saying Kim had ordered the nation’s missile forces to prepare to strike the United States and South ...
The Christian Science Monitor · ByAnna Mulrine · 3/29/2013