A day after North Korea and South Korea began engaging in a freestyle propaganda battle on the border, Kim Jong-un has told his troops to prepare for war. The military is supposed to be "fully ready for any military …
New York Magazine · 8/21/2015
North Korea
Tensions between North Korea and South Korea are once again escalating to the point that the soldiers of North Korea have been put on their highest alert. North Korea has set an ultimatum for Saturday that says …
The Inquisitr · 8/22/2015
01:22 - Richard Clarida, global strategic advisor at Pimco, examines what would happen if Germany was held to the same economic structural reforms that it wants for the rest of Europe. They speak on "Bloomberg …
Bloomberg · 8/21/2015
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BEIJING — North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has ordered troops on the country’s heavily armed border with South Korea to be ready for war, one day after the two countries exchanged artillery fire in a spat over …
The Daily Herald · 8/24/2015
NORTH Korean leader Kim Jong Un declared his frontline troops in a “quasi-state of war” and ordered them to prepare for battle a day after South Korea fired dozens of artillery rounds across the rivals’ border in … · 8/21/2015
South Korea
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North Korean leader Kim Jong Un presides over an enlarged meeting of the Central Military ... Calling the standoff "the most dangerous situation which reached the brink of war," Kim discussed with military and other …
USA Today · 1 day ago
North Korea
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North & South Korea's shared border has already seen artillery fire traded in recent days. World's largest arts festival draws thousands to Edinburgh
MSN · 8/21/2015
SEOUL, South Korea -- North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has ordered his troops to be fully armed and ready for combat operations, ratcheting up tensions already high, after his army traded fire with South Korea across the demilitarized zone Thursday.
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette · 8/21/2015
South Korea
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North Korean leader Kim Jong Un ordered his troops onto a war footing from 5 pm on Friday after his government issued an ultimatum to Seoul to halt anti-Pyongyang propaganda broadcasts by Saturday afternoon or …
Ahmedabad Mirror · 8/21/2015
North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un has ordered his frontline troops to prepare for war after an exchange of fire with South Korea on Thursday, according to the country's state news agency. Kim declared what …
News Week · 8/21/2015
North Korea