It generally takes up to 10 days to transport a fully-assembled rocket from Pyongyang to North Korea's main launch site in Dongchang-ri, erect the rocket on a launch pad, and inject fuel into it to prepare ... he said. "Kim Jong-un obviously would not ...
THE KOREA TIMES · 10/1/2015
rocket launch
Abe’s better-than-expected statement commemorating the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II and Park’s pragmatic response ... is so ridiculous as to make even a cat laugh.”[4] Kim Jong-un’s New Year’s Day speeches and other North …
The Heritage Foundation · ByBruce Klingner · 9/29/2015
Korean unification
The reports were alarming -- Kim Jong Un declared his troops prepare for "all-out war" with South Korea and the U.S. North Korea's military followed the order, doubling its forces on the northern side of the DMZ, just …
CNN · ByKyung Lah · 8/31/2015
South Korea
Here is a full itinerary of the pope’s visit Pope Leaves Detailed Instructions For Taking Care Of Holy Spirit While He Out Of Town VATICAN CITY—In an effort to prepare for his weeklong ... They’ll Have To Do For Kim
The Onion(satire) · 9/22/2015
Pope Francis
The negotiations that began Saturday at the border village of Panmunjom, where the Koreas agreed to the 1953 ceasefire that stopped fighting in the Korean War, also resulted in ... official after supreme leader Kim Jong Un. "I hope the two sides faithfully ...
NBC News · 8/25/2015
According to the famous composer, only a housekeeper or cook with a pure heart could prepare a pure soup ... Due to the testimony of Kim Jong Il’s former personal chef, Kenji Fujimoto, we know quite a bit about the … · 9/28/2015