was sentenced to eleven years in prison and a term of supervised release based on his four convictions by a jury for honest services fraud conspiracy, extortion, and bribery. Beasley, who was appointed by former Mayor …
Michigan Chronicle · 9/21/2015
Detroit Treasurer
Thursday Kwame Kilpatrick was sentenced to 28 years in prison as punishment for about two dozen crimes, including extortion, bribery, conspiracy and racketeering. It's a victory for the prosecution. The Defense had been asking for 15 years. Typically ...
WILX · ByBrian Johnson · 10/12/2013
Seven months after his historic conviction for public corruption, former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick was sentenced by U.S. District Judge Nancy Edmunds today to serve 28 years in federal prison. "The government has asked for a sentence of 28 years ...
Governing · 10/10/2013
A former Detroit mayor was sent to prison for nearly three decades Thursday, offering little remorse for the widespread corruption under his watch but acknowledging he let down the troubled city during a critical period before it landed in bankruptcy.
The Windsor Star · 10/10/2013
Kwame Kilpatrick was sentenced to 28 years in prison Thursday, seven months after he was convicted of public corruption in federal court. It marks the end to another chapter in the saga of Kilpatrick, who was elected mayor of Detroit at the young age of 31.
Ebony · 10/10/2013
Twenty-eight years. That's how long former Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick was sentenced to serve in federal prison Thursday, following his conviction this spring on 24 counts of racketeering, fraud and extortion. Kilpatrick, Detroit's mayor from 2002 to ... · 10/10/2013
The prosecution wanted a long sentence for Kwame Kilpatrick and today they got their wish. The former mayor of Detroit was sentenced Thursday to 28 years in prison for corruption, the apparent last step after a series of scandals destroyed his political ...
Electronic Urban Report · 10/10/2013
Kwame Kilpatrick’s brother-in-law was sentenced to 18 months probation for possessing a stolen $60,000 pickup truck that he was driving when arrested for impaired driving in St. Clair Shores. Daniel Ferguson, 43, of Detroit, received the sentence ...
Macomb Daily · ByJameson Cook · 9/3/2014
The jig is up for Kwame Kilpatrick. Today (Oct. 10), the former Detroit Mayor was sentenced to 28 years in prison for corruption, including raiding his campaign funds for personal use, extortion and bribery. Reports The Griot: Kilpatrick, who served as ...
Hip-Hop Wired · ByAlvin Aqua · 10/10/2013
A Detroit judge ordered Kwame Kilpatrick to serve 18 months to five years in prison, “declaring that Kilpatrick had lied while on probation and maliciously hid money that was supposed to go toward repaying the City of Detroit $1 million in restitution.”
Politic365 · 5/25/2010