LAKE WHITNEY, Texas - A luxury house in Texas, perched on a cliff with a spectacular view of Lake Whitney, has started falling into the water. The edge of the 4,000 square-foot home was dangling Tuesday about 75 feet above the rocky shoreline after part …
WPTV · 6/11/2014
A few months ago, a landslide caused major destructions in Lake Whitney, Texas. Pieces of a 4000-square-foot luxury home, which was built on the edge of a 75-foot cliff, have been falling off, threatening to bring the whole house down in to the lake.
HNGN · 6/14/2014
It looks like plans on Lake Whitney cliff diving need to be rescheduled because it seems that the cliff is starting to crumble down. The Hill County Sheriff's Office has mandated a demolition of the endangered luxury home that is located on the cliff side ... · 6/12/2014
(NBC 5 News) A giant fracture in a limestone cliff overlooking Lake Whitney is threatening another luxury home, less than a year after a mansion next door was burned to the ground before it could collapse and fall into the North Texas lake below.
Texoma's Homepage · 3/18/2015
LAKE WHITNEY, TX (KCEN) — A house teeters over a cliff in Hill County. If more of the bluff collapses, it could go tumbling into Lake Whitney. Now the White Bluff Fire chief says they plan on setting it on fire Friday instead of letting that happen.
Fox2now · 6/13/2014
WHITNEY, Texas (AP) ? Fire crews have begun burning a luxury house that's teetering atop a crumbling 75-foot cliff over a Central Texas lake. Authorities say destroying the 4,000-square-foot house by fire is better than waiting for it to topple into Lake ...
Abilene Reporter-News · 6/12/2014
WHITNEY, Texas (AP) — Charred debris from a luxury cliff-side home fell 75 feet into a lake below on Friday after fire crews set the $700,000 retreat ablaze rather than wait for it to crumble into the water as the land faltered around it. It took less ...
Tyler Morning Telegraph · 6/13/2014
WHITNEY, Texas (AP) -- The owner of a vacant luxury house teetering on a crumbling 75-foot cliff over a Central Texas lake has decided to burn the house and clear the lot of the debris. Tom Hemrick, Hill County's emergency management coordinator ...
Yahoo Finance · 6/13/2014
There, something truly unusual and possibly historic was about to happen. A 4,000-square-foot mansion, built just six years ago on a 75-foot-high cliff overlooking Lake Whitney, was about to go up in flames. The house, which had been evacuated by its ...
Star Telegram · ByGordon Dickson · 6/13/2014
west of Lake Brittle, near Warrenton, $670,000. Barry S. and Sharon M. Lewis to Ryan and Melissa McKinley, Lot 18, Section 1, Marstella Estates Subdivision, 7398 Auburn Mill Road, near Warrenton, $385,000. Champ …
Fauquier Now · 12 hours ago