WHITNEY, Texas (AP) — Charred debris from a luxury cliff-side home fell 75 feet into a lake below on Friday after fire crews set the $700,000 retreat ablaze rather than wait for it to crumble into the water as the land faltered around it. It took less ...
Tyler Morning Telegraph · 6/13/2014
The spot where a luxury home once stood over Lake Whitney is now gone. Last year the house was intentionally set on fire and the debris was removed because it posed a danger to the lake. Official decided burning it was the safest way to demolish it. · 5/11/2015
... half of the cliff it was built on to crumble away. Lake Whitney is approximately an hour and a half-drive north to Dallas, Texas. Here's the home — and its cliff — in happier times: Have something to add to this story? Share it in the comments.
Mashable · 6/13/2014
A few months ago, a landslide caused major destructions in Lake Whitney, Texas. Pieces of a 4000-square-foot luxury home, which was built on the edge of a 75-foot cliff, have been falling off, threatening to bring the whole house down in to the lake.
HNGN · 6/14/2014
LAKE WHITNEY, TX (KCEN) — A house teeters over a cliff in Hill County. If more of the bluff collapses, it could go tumbling into Lake Whitney. Now the White Bluff Fire chief says they plan on setting it on fire Friday instead of letting that happen.
Fox2now · 6/13/2014
WHITNEY, Texas – A vacant luxury house appears on the verge of tumbling 75 feet into a Central Texas lake because a cliff is collapsing beneath the property. WFAA-TV ( ) in Dallas-Fort Worth reported Wednesday that the 4,000 square ...
FOX News · 6/11/2014
It was two years later when a growing crack in the cliff led to a 75-foot portion of the house was left hanging unsupported over the edge of Lake Whitney. His family was told to evacuate in early June and the planned blaze was executed in an effort to ...
ABC News · 5/12/2015
TV news helicopters circled over the house, that once had an estimated value of $800,000, for live broadcasts of the blaze, which took place on Lake Whitney, about 75 miles (120 km) southwest of Dallas. The owner of the teetering mansion decided burning it ...
Reuters · ByJon Herskovitz · 6/13/2014
Did I mention, it's getting ready to fall off? A luxury house in Texas, perched on a cliff with a spectacular view of Lake Whitney, has started falling into the water.The edge of the 4,000-square-foot home was dangling about 75 feet above the rocky ... · 6/11/2014
There's a house just outside of Fort Worth, Texas that sits atop a 75-foot cliff overlooking Lake Whitney. A section of the house has fallen into the lake and it was condemned. The homeowner bought this house in February, the house itself was built in 2007.
News Talk Florida · 6/14/2014