Lucas County Health Commissioner Dr. David Grossman says a very rare subgroup of Legionnaires' Disease broke out at a Lucas County ... 25 most dominant college football programs in the nation Alabama and LSU are the two most dominant college …
Fox 8 WVUE-TV · 9/3/2015
At least 10 people in western Illinois have now died from Legionnaires' disease, after a state veterans home reported ... fighters entered Syria from Turkey but they were attacked by the al-Qaeda affiliated Al Nusra Front and quickly returned to Turkey.
BND · ByMike Fitzgerald · 9/10/2015
In November a jury in Calhoun County Circuit Court awarded two men $4.5 million after they were stricken by Legionnaires’ disease. The two men from the Jefferson County Road Department were staying at an inn in Oxford, Alabama for several weeks to …
WebWire · 1/6/2011
The bacterium was first identified in the USA following an outbreak of pneumonia among delegates at a legionnaires’ convention in a hotel in Philadelphia (Joseph et al, 1997). There is some indication that outbreaks may have occurred before this incident ...
Nursing Times · 11/25/2003
A state prison in Somerset County is trying to figure out the source of a Legionnaires' outbreak there that sickened four inmates ... "That's how we discovered it," said Al Joseph, the prison's spokesman. "One of them was outside for treatment and was ...
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette · 7/30/2013
New York has started requiring the testing and inspection of building cooling towers across the state to combat Legionnaires' Disease. (Aug. 18) Al Jazeera 2:40
MSN · 8/18/2015
et al. Lpg0393 of Legionella pneumophila Is a Guanine-Nucleotide ... A Belated Look at New York’s Cooling Towers, Prime Suspect in LegionnairesOutbreak – The New York Times. 14. De Blasio Signs Cooling Tower Regulations Into Law In Wake Of …
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NEW YORK (AP) - New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has signed legislation aimed at preventing further outbreaks of deadly Legionnaires' disease ... shot and killed his father in what police in Alabama are calling a horrible accident.More
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BERTHIERVILLE, Que. - The provincial Health Department is investigating an outbreak of legionnaires' disease that has claimed two lives. There have been 16 other confirmed cases since Aug. 20., all in the town of Berthierville, about 80 kilometres ...
Alberni Valley News · 8/20/2015
Morse et al. would require two cases before commencing an environmental investigation, whereas we would require only one. Our rationale is that outbreaks are a relatively rare presentation of legionnaires' disease, whereas sporadic cases are common.
The New England Journal of Medicine · 6/18/1992