Marines, get ready to roll up your sleeves. In a Marine Corps Administrative Message dated Feb. 26, the military branch announced that Marines could once again roll up the sleeves of their Combat Utility Uniforms, the daily work uniform. The decision came ...
NBC San Diego · 2/28/2014
Rank-and-file US Marines will be able to show off their forearms once more after the commandant backed down from a deeply unpopular rule that banned troops from rolling up the sleeves of their combat fatigues. The two-year-old regulation has been the ... · 2/27/2014
Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego -- Commandant of the Marine Corps Gen. James F. Amos, prepared the Marine Corps to bring back sleeves up, which started March 9. The Marine Corps leaders circuited around the Corps asking non-commissioned … · 3/13/2014
... Corps spouses had a hand in convincing Commandant James Amos to reverse a previous ruling and allow Marines to once again roll up their sleeves. Why all the fuss? As Bonnie Amos, first lady of the Marine Corps put it, "We miss our husbands' guns!"
KPBS · ByBeth Ford Roth · 2/26/2014
“When it’s hot in Louisiana, we should be able to roll up our sleeves,” Perkins said. Spc. Ian Humphrey, a 26-year-old construction surveyor at North Carolina’s Fort Bragg and the son of a Marine scout sniper, recalled the crisp, cuffed sleeves of ...
FOX News · 7/7/2014
Regardless of whether they’re deployed or what the temperature is, Marines will now have to keep their shirt sleeves rolled down. Commandant General James Amos has declared that as of October 24, no Marine may be permitted to roll up their sleeves
AllGov · 10/21/2011
Sleeves up clearly and visually sets us apart.” He added: “We hear you marines!” Citing the “persistence” of the troops, Amos said he was issuing orders to return to “sleeves-up status” when marines wear desert camouflage uniforms outside of ... · 2/27/2014
U.S. Marine Corps officials announced new fashion rules to allow Marines in desert camouflage to roll up their sleeves in non-combat areas. Commandant Gen. James Amos and Sgt. Maj. of the Marine Corps Micheal Barrett announced on Facebook …
Reality TV World · 2/26/2014
Soldiers are the only U.S. service members who aren't allowed to roll up their sleeves (Photo: Rob Curtis, Army Times) In the summer heat, soldiers want to be able to roll up their sleeves, but they haven't been able to in about a decade Troops in other ...
USA Today · 7/7/2014
WASHINGTON — Marines in uniform may wear bracelets commemorating friends killed in action, but the wristbands might be hidden under a new rule ending the Corps' tradition of rolling up their sleeves. Marine Gen. James Amos, Corps commandant …
NBC News · 10/19/2011