Sometime last week, Hawk Harrelson complimented Robin Ventura for having enough confidence in ... And then, just two days later, Mark Parent goes out and gets ejected while handing out the lineup card. Your browser does not support iframes.
South Side Sox · ByJim Margalus · 8/26/2013
It's not clear what Parent said while exchanging lineup cards, but the White Sox did have a few controversial calls go against them during the first two games of their series with the Rangers. This story was not subject to the approval of Major League ... · 8/25/2013
That rang true today in Chicago where White Sox’s bench coach Mark Parent was ejected before the game even officially began. Parent walked calmly out to home plate to greet the umpire crew this afternoon with the team lineup card in hand. As he …
FanSided · 8/25/2013
In a sight you don't see every day, Chicago White Sox coach Mark Parent was ejected before Sunday's game against the Texas Rangers. Parent took the lineup card to home plate before the game and had a few choice words for umpire Jerry Layne, who …
Los Angeles Times · ByHouston Mitchell · 8/26/2013
Look at White Sox bench coach and former Reading Phillies manager Mark Parent up there. Talking shop with some Twins player before the game, like nothing was wrong. But they time he was trotting out to deliver the lineup card, Parent's heart was full of …
Philadelphia Daily News · 8/26/2013
Who knew passing out the lineup card in the beginning of a game could be so interesting. Chicago White Sox bench coach Mark Parent was ejected during the ritualistic exchange of the lineup cards between the two teams and the four umpires on Sunday.
isportsweb · 8/26/2013
White Sox bench coach Mark Parent went out to exchange lineup cards before Sunday's game against the Rangers. And he was tossed. We won't know for what until after the game at a minimum -- and we might never find out -- but that's impressively thin …
CBS Sports · 8/25/2013
This is what makes the ejection of White Sox bench coach Mark Parent on Sunday so remarkable. The guy went out to home plate to present Chicago’s lineup card to the umpiring crew and managed to get himself ejected before a pitch was even thrown. · 8/26/2013
"No parent should ever outlive their child," Barnack said ... St. Arnold and the other teen, who were not restrained in the pickup bed, were ejected and the pickup rolled over St. Arnold, Geil said. The other girl recovered.
Mail Tribune & Daily Tidings · ByMark Freeman · 21 hours ago
Maybe Mark Parent had somewhere else he needed to be. The White Sox bench coach was ejected before a pitch was thrown in Sunday’s game against the Rangers, getting tossed by crew chief Jerry Layne during the pregame lineup card exchange.
New York Daily News · ByBernie Augustine · 8/27/2013
"Record aside, they're going out and playing hard." So, why was White Sox bench coach Mark Parent ejected from Sunday's game against the Rangers before the game started? Parent went out to home plate for the lineup-card exchange, got into an …
Daily Herald · ByScot Gregor · 8/27/2013