MIAMI (CBS4) – Some Florida fishermen will never forget their fishing trip to the Dominican coast. While fishing for Blue Marlin, the crew hooked a massive 350 pound fish. The crew was struggling to reel it in when the fish leaped from the water and ...
CBS Miami · 8/24/2013
Some fisherman just get lucky and don’t have to do much of the work… the fish just come to them. That was the case aboard this boat off the coast of the Dominican Repubic. The guys were trying to reel in a giant 350-pound blue marlin when it ... · 8/27/2013
Seven mates on six-day catch-and-release fishing trip Huge marlin jumps into boat after five minute battle Men escape spear-like snout, marlin escapes A GROUP of mates experienced the ultimate case of "the one that got away" when a 300kg black marlin ...
Perth Now Sunday Times · 10/22/2012
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A group of fishermen didn’t have to reel in a blue marlin off the Dominican coast — the fish jumped right into their boat! One of the fishermen shot footage of the catch. The crew had hooked the 350 pound fish and was struggling to reel it in when the ...
News Channel3 · 8/27/2013
Video captures what happens when they try and reel in the big one! The marlin suddenly jumps onto deck; it's bill almost spearing the guy in the front of the boat. As soon as the marlin lands on the deck, one guy jumps ship. Meanwhile, the two other men …
My Fox Atlanta · 10/29/2013
A Florida fisherman was taken by surprise Thursday morning when a 350-pound marlin jumped onto the man”;s boat during a fishing trip off the coast of the Dominican Republic. Bobby Jacobsen was filming the crew aboard his aptly named Marlin Darlin ...
Las Vegas Review-Journal · 8/24/2013
The men see the fish on their line while still in the water, but then the Marlin makes a quick jump onto the deck of the boat. The fish was scary enough to cause one guy to immediately jump overboard, while his buddies tried to subdue the giant.
The Daily Caller · BySarah Hofmann · 11/1/2013
(Photo : Flickr) A blue marlin such as this one jumped onto the fishing boat. While most fisherman since time immemorial ... which was entitled "350lb Blue Marlin Jumps into cockpit of Marlin Darlin" was uploaded by a Beecher Jacobsen (not confirmed ...
Jobs Hire · 8/27/2013
Ah, fishing. There’s a lot of good parts. You get to be at sea, or at least in a lake. You get to drink. You get to hang with your buddies. It’s really the perfect little weekend activity. Until, of course, you catch something that’s bigger than your ... · 9/7/2013
Big fish jumps in boat, man jumps out When this fisherman had a big catch, the crew struggled to wrangle the marlin in. Once the fish came on deck, the fisherman decided to switch places with the fish, and jumped overboard. For more fun videos go to ...
WKYC · 11/11/2013
A marlin is a fish from the family Istiophoridae. It has an elongated body, a spear-like snout or bill, and a long, rigid …
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