The video shows three men calmly fishing when a huge Marlin jumps into their boat. As the fish thrashes around violently, one of the fishermen panics and dives overboard to avoid being hurt by the creature's sharp pointed snout. The man can be seen …
Daily Telegraph · 10/28/2013
A jaw-dropping video that shows a large marlin jumping into a fishing boat, startling the unsuspecting crew and forcing one man to dive overboard, has become an Internet hit. The video shows a marlin suddenly launching itself onto the deck of the boat ...
Daily Mail · 10/29/2013
A marlin jumps into a boat. The dramatic leap of the 350-pound game fish was caught on video! (Photo: YouTube) A marlin jumps into a boat as two fisherman narrowly avoid being impaled by its sharp snout. Another friend on the fishing boat managed to ...
International Science Times · 8/27/2013
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When a marlin jumps in a boat, this makes for one easy day of fishing, as no one had to break a sweat reeling it in. This marlin jumping into a boat story sounds like a whale of a tale and if it wasn't all caught on video, the story would be a hard pill to ...
Examiner · 8/28/2013
A 350-pound marlin jumped into a fisherman's boat on Thursday, surprising the crew, according to NBC Miami. The fishermen were off the coast of the Dominican Republic when the marlin jumped into the boat, a move which was caught on camera as the …
Travelers Today · 8/27/2013
Even with their popularity, anglers almost always release them at the side of the boat to fight another day. Apparently, this marlin didn't get the memo. A 350-pound blue marlin launched itself into the cockpit of the Marlin Darlin off the coast of the ...
Sport Fishing · 8/23/2013
Most fisherman need to use a hook, some bait, a bunch of fishing line and a rod to catch a fish. Others just need a boat. A group of fisherman were off the coast of the Dominican Republic when a 350-pound blue marlin jumped out of the ocean and into their ...
The Inquisitr · ByDan Evon · 8/26/2013
The crew gave the marlin to a local fisherman. A 350-pound marlin jumped into a boat this weekend in Florida nearly injuring the crew off the coast of the Dominican Republic. Like Us on Facebook The crew was trying to reel the giant fish after it got stuck ...
AUTO WORLD NEWS · 8/27/2013
A group of Florida-based fishermen got a huge surprise Thursday when a 350-pound marlin jumped into their boat while they were fishing off the coast of the Dominican Republic. The crew on the aptly named "Marlin Darlin" was struggling to reel in the giant ...
News Max · 8/27/2013
Three men were fishing when one of them hooked a massive marlin, struggling to wrangle it in. The huge fish eventually jumps onto the boat and begins thrashing around violently. Check out the video above to see what happens next.
USA Today · 11/11/2013
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